Judy Ann and Ryan Agoncillo share secrets to a fun-filled and lasting marriage in YES! July 2016 issue

Judy Ann Santos on renewal of vows with Ryan Agoncillo: "Siguro, pinakamaganda is, the kilig from the time we got married is still the same. Hindi naman siya yong parang may pait na, pakasal-pakasal pa. Hindi. Mas kinilig nga."

Judy Ann and Ryan Agoncillo are celebrating their seventh wedding anniversary this year.

They recently marked it in a memorable fashion: by holding an intimate, Pinterest-inspired renewal of vows in their beachfront property in Batangas in the presence of friends, loved ones, and their three kids—Yohan, Lucho, and Baby Luna.

Not only was the beachside ceremony a milestone for the couple, it was also a big announcement (and reminder) to the world that Juday and Rye are still very much in love with each other after all these years.

As far as the subject of marriage goes, Juday and Rye have now breached the seven-year-itch territory. This period, as most psychological books would suggest, is when the satisfaction level starts to dwindle and partners begin to stray.

In their interview with YES! Magazine, Juday and Rye are confident that they won’t be afflicted with this “seven-year itch.”

In fact, Juday and Rye say that they are having the time of their lives. The “kilig” is still there.

Ryan says, “Actually, meron pa rin naman. Meron pa rin, kasi napansin namin, the whole day we’re just smiling, e, na parang, wala, ang saya lang.”

Judy Ann agrees, “Siguro, pinakamaganda is, the kilig from the time we got married is still the same. Hindi naman siya yong parang may pait na, pakasal-pakasal pa. Hindi. Mas kinilig nga. Actually, para sa akin, mas kilig, at saka may teary-eyed factor dahil nakikita mo na yong mga anak mo.”

While their journey has not been super smooth, it has inspired them to become the best that they can be. So how do Ryan and Judy Ann manage to strike this delicate balance between married life and show business?

One way to keep the fire in their romance burning is traveling together.

Before Baby Luna came into the picture, Juday and Ryan would go on an out-of-the-country trip without the kids almost every year since they got married.


“At pag nagta-travel kami together, ’yong Day One, what we do is just sleeping in, tulog lang kami the whole time,” Juday says.

“’Yon ’yong napansin namin. Siguro we just miss sleeping beside each other, kasi nga the kids sleep with us. We’re not actually complaining. Sige lang hangga’t gusto pa nila.”

Aside from the overseas trips, Juday and Rye would go on kid-free dates whenever they find the free time.

“Nakakasingit naman kami minsan,” Juday says. “As in minsan lang talaga. ’Yon ang pinag-uusapan namin: ‘At least isang beses isang buwan na mag-de-date tayo.’”

Juday and Rye have also noticed that they are much calmer now, compared to the way they were during their early years as a married couple.

“Ano lang siguro kami ngayon, ’yong mas relaxed lang,” Juday reveals. “Yong hindi na masyadong ma-issue sa mga bagay na puwede naman hindi na maissue-han.”

Ryan says that he’s learned not to sweat the small stuff and to “choose your battles.”

He adds, “Kasi may mga bagay na palalampasin mo lang because… it’s not because you don’t mind but because in the bigger picture, it’s really nothing.”

Juday says that her husband has learned to control his temper now. He is not as short-fused as before. Married couples would know that when you have more than two kids, you tend to become cranky most of the time.

“Dati, ano ’yan, pag undecided ako, mag-aano kaagad ’yan, ‘Please, decide. Please, decide!’ Ta’s pikon na siya. So ngayon, mas ano na siya. ‘You decide, please, you decide. Hindi na siya ’yong demanding na, ‘Please, decide!’”

Both Juday and Rye’s parents are proud of how the couple turned out to be.

Rye’s dad Chito says of his son: “Kasi si Ryan naman talaga, maano ’yan sa family talaga, sa aming parents, for example. Kaya alam ko pag nag asawa ’yan, gano’n din siya. Family first talaga muna.”


Juday’s mom Carol says that she has noticed the big change in her daughter and son-in-law.

“May mga bago silang sistema, e. Si Judy Ann, meron na siya ngayong set of rules na, like, pag tumatanggap siya ng role niya, kailangang ganitong oras, tapos na siya.”

Although she didn’t doubt that Juday would make a great mother, Mommy Carol is mighty proud of her daughter because Juday has exceeded her expectations. “Nakakatuwa talaga siya. Mapagmahal sa bata. Pero hindi ko inexpect na ganito, pag anak niya na pala, mas iba pa. ’Tapos mapag-alaga din sa asawa.”

With caring, doting, and hands-on parents like Judy Ann and Ryan, you can expect Yohann, Lucho, and Baby Luna to grow up just fine. And that alone is already a great achievement for Ryan and Judy Ann.

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