The tale of Kim Chiu's Christmas tree

IMAGE @chinitaprincess on Instagram

Kim Chiu and her Christmas tree in 2015

Kim Chiu was proud to say that her Christmas tree this year was her own labor of love.

It was supposed to be a team effort involving her sisters and some of their friends.

But since they couldn't find a common schedule, the Kapamilya star decided to take on the task herself.

It took Kim half a month of "on-and off-decorating" before she could finally say, on Instagram: "That's my tree." 

Kim designed it, and picked all the ornaments herself.

In the end, she found the task therapeutic.

On Instagram, she wrote: "It makes me happy and it feels really good afterwards. Pag nakatitig ka sa tree parang ang saya lang."

Guess what's the hardest part? Wrapping the lights around the tree.

Decorating the Christmas tree has been an annual yuletide tradition for Kim since she moved into the house she purchased in 2011.

She related on Instagram, "I stopped for two years when my mom passed away." That was in 2013.


Kim revived the tradition in 2015.


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