What's inside the play room of these celebrity kids?

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Alwyn Uytingco and Jennica Garcia's daughter Mori doesn't have plastic and battery-operated toys.

These kids have parents who can practically buy them any toy and plaything they want.

And each time there's a special occasion, toy gifts pour in from friends and fans of their famous moms and dads.

That's right: their play rooms must be well-stocked!

Here's a peek.

AMANDA GABRIELLE, daughter of Ara Mina and Patrick Meneses, has a mini-pantry.

The young lady, after all, has shown interest in baking and cooking.

MIGGY MIRANDA's play room has a dollhouse.

His mom Neri Naig explains, "Nilagay ko na rin yung doll house ni Ate Pia para may kasamang kalaro si Don Miguel."

Pia is his cousin.

Soon, his wall will have framed posters of maps, letters, and numbers.

SCARLET SNOW BELO's room is like a toy store. She even has her own bahay kubo!

Check out her shelves of stuffed toys and books.

OLIVIA REYES  has a dollhouse and a cooking area.

She likes playing tea time.

ANECHKA, unica hija of John Estrada and Priscilla Meirelles, filled her wall with her own drawings.

GUMMY, Bettina Carlos's unica hija, got her "dream" gift this year: a dollhouse.

Paolo and Sam Valenciano's little girl NATALEIA MARTINE has a very cute nursery room.

Here's a portion of MORI's play room, which has no plastic and battery-operated toys.

Jennica Garcia and Alwyn Uytingco prefer educational and wooden toys for their daughter.

Bianca Gonzalez's toddler LUCIA has a basketball ring.

The little one and her tall dad, cager JC Intal, love basketball and swimming.

That's ALAS JOAQUIN, baby of Kylie Padilla and Aljur Abrenica, surrounded by his Aunt Isabelle's Lamaze toys.

ISABELLE is the baby girl of Mariel Rodriguez and Robin Padilla.

Isabel Oli and John Prats's daughter FEATHER has started learning about different shapes.





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