Doug Kramer gives a gist of 10-year journey before building dream family home

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Doug Kramer (L), his wife Cheska (R), together with their kids Kendra (2nd from R), Scarlett (2nd from L), and Gavin (middle) will be moving in to their dream family home this 2019.

The highlight of 2018 for Team Kramer was the construction of their "dream family home," a multi-level structure.

It began in January 2018.

In Doug Kramer's post, he provided some details. It will have three levels; a roomy living area; a playroom for the kids; a dining area that can accommodate several guests.

Their "favorite" house, which has "around 550-square-meter floor area" was put up for sale in August 2016.

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But that was not the couple's first abode.

In his New Year post, Doug revealed that they hopped from one house to another after their wedding in October 2008.

"We started our marriage living in a rented house. Then a small condo rental for a family of 3 with Kendra, to a rented townhouse with newly born Scarlett.

"Did a leap of faith to trust God's provisions and purchased our first built home with newly born Gavin.

"That was 2008-2018. The first 10 years!"

This year, Doug, Cheska, and their kids Kendra, Scarlett, and Gavin will be moving in to their new house, where the lady of the house gets the biggest room, aka walk-in closet—according to the patriarch.

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It also has an infinity pool and gym, office spaces for Doug and Cheska, a music corner and a classroom for Kendra, Scarlett, and Gavin, and a roomier home theater that can accommodate 20 people.

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Back to his New Year post, he ended it with so much enthusiasm for 2019.


"2019 will be the next chapter for us! A dream house for the whole family!

"2019 will come with challenges as always. But for every problem and obstacle, we don't complain, we always find solutions and make everything work.

"Here's to trusting God for another beautiful and fruitful year! Cheers to 2019!"





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