5 ways to keep your clothes looking brand new

With proper care, your clothes can look bagong bili for a long time.
Sep 17, 2018

It's always a plus when you know how to wash your clothes and keep them properly. Whether you bought those items at an ukay-ukay or a high-end clothing store, they all deserve some TLC. Here are some practical tips on how to wash your clothes, because there's more to it than just sorting through puti and de-color.

1. ALWAYS READ CARE INSTRUCTIONS. Nobody likes clothes that shrink after a trip to the dryer or a shirt that looks as if it has seen better days after just a few washes. Your clothes are labeled for a reason. Read up on what those symbols mean, so you know if you can actually iron that top or just hang it to dry on your clothesline.

2. USE MESH LAUNDRY BAGS FOR UNDERWEAR AND OTHER DELICATE ITEMS. If you've ever seen those mesh bags in a department store but have never bothered to grab one, head back and buy some. They protect your delicates when you opt to machine-wash. These bags come in different sizes, but the small- to medium-sized ones would work best for your underwear. 

3. WASH YOUR CLOTHES INSIDE OUT. One minute you have an awesome pair of dark jeans, and the next day you become the not-so-proud owner of washed-out pants. Some colors will fade over time. One way to avoid this is to wash them inside out.

4. ROTATE CLOTHES REGULARLY. You probably have that one favorite top, but remember to spread the love for all your clothes so the same ones don't end up in the laundry pile every single day. Meanwhile, for items you don't wear regularly (like coats or jackets and long gowns), place them inside clean plastic or fabric garment bags and then hang them in your wardrobe.

5. CHOOSE A LAUNDRY DETERGENT WISELY. These tips should always go hand in hand with quality products that leave your clothes looking and smelling clean for a long time.

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