Here's an affordable way to get the look of a celebrity kitchen

You don't need millions of pesos to achieve it.
Jan 8, 2019

Many of us enjoy looking at celebrity kitchens on Instagram, and for good reason: We all aspire to own a kusina that is clean, spacious, and easy on the eyes. However, kitchen remodeling can be a very expensive project.

But don't lose hope. With careful planning, you can turn your dream kitchen into a reality. Get some inspiration online, seek advice from an architect or interior designer, and work out your budget. And if you're concerned about all the possible expenses, you can always get some financing help from Citi Personal Loans.

In the meantime, here are some design tweaks that can give your kitchen a noticeable change:


The look and feel of yayamanin marble can elevate a simple kitchen countertop. To make the most of the material, go for whole marble instead of customized countertops. Have workers cut it to size, and use any excess for a side table or accessories like coasters.


You'll be surprised to see how much of a difference a new backsplash can make. Keep it simple with a ceramic backsplash in a bright color like orange, make it elegant with mosaic tiles, or inject some fun with patterned wallpaper topped with plexiglass.


One of the easiest and least expensive ways to spruce up a kitchen is to repaint the cabinets and change the drawer pulls. However, this will only work only if your cabinets are still in good condition. Check your storage units for signs of rotting wood or leaks, and fix them before applying a fresh coat of paint. If your cabinets look dated, consider changing them entirely.


Once you get the cabinets and drawers repainted or replaced, take the time to organize and properly label their contents and commit to keeping things tidy. A kitchen overhaul will go to waste if there's clutter everywhere.


Invest in the best quality of appliances that your budget would allow and choose sturdy models that go with the look of your kitchen. If you're going for a classic look, retro-looking appliances would work. Modern kitchens would look great with sleek and shiny pieces.

Ready to start with your kitchen renovation project? If you apply for a Citi Personal Loan, you can get approval in as fast as 24 hours and enjoy flexible terms of one to five years-no collateral or guarantor needed.

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