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Apr 24, 2020
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Doing household chores can be burdensome for anyone.

And with the quarantine, the tasks seem more daunting and endless. Tipong kalilinis lang kahapon, marumi ulit ngayon?

Don't fret. Huwag tamarin.

Here are housekeeping tricks to make cleaning and organizing the home much easier and faster.


Having clean clothes is a must these days, and it pays to have a washing machine with a tumble dryer at home. But if you have an unusually large load of clothes to dry, the process—even with a dryer—becomes drawn out.

To squeeze out water in a lesser amount of time, place a clean, dry towel with your freshly laundered clothes inside the tumble dryer. It helps absorb the moisture, which speeds up the drying process.


People have no choice but to prepare home-cooked food due to the quarantine situation. They can't say no to cleaning the pots and pans after cooking either.

Often, to remove all the grease and food residue in the cookware used, pots, pans, and the like have to be washed twice or thrice.

Try this easy trick. Heat a cup (or two) of water in your greasy pot or pan over the stove. Once the water is simmering, remove the pot from the stovetop and pour out some of the water into the sink. Then, scrub the remaining grease with your sponge and dishwashing soap. Rinse thoroughly.


Proper food storage is another priority. Everyone wants to be sure that the food they are buying will last long enough until the next grocery run. This means cleaning the refrigerator regularly, which can take hours, particularly when hard ice is all over your freezer compartment.

Reminder: Do not ever use a knife or an ice pick to jab and pry the ice off the walls and shelves. You might poke a hole through it—or worse, hurt yourself.

Before anything else, make sure your ref is unplugged. Place a pan of hot water inside the freezer. Let the steam thaw the hard ice. Then clean as you normally would.


Washing may not be enough. Disinfecting them, especially the ones worn outside to buy groceries and supplies, is a must.

There are many ways to disinfect clothes. You can wash them in the warmest setting of your washing machine, taking care to double-check the clothes' care labels.

Another way to make sure bacteria don't transfer to clothes is by regularly cleaning your washing machine and laundry implements, such as laundry baskets and basins.

Also, consider using Surf's antibacterial powder detergent and antibacterial fabric conditioner. Not only do they help remove dirt and visible stains; these products also help get rid of germs and bacteria.

With these housekeeping tips, you’ll feel at peace knowing your home is clean and your loved ones healthy.

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PHOTO/S: Dragon Images / Shutterstock
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