4 most pressing labada problems moms face

Irritated skin due to scrubbing? Ito ang dapat mong gawin!
Sep 16, 2019
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What is your labada concern?

Moms endure so much to be able to take care of their family, and that includes facing a mountain of labada. A lot of moms encounter different laundry-related issues that make the task even more tiring and time-consuming than it already is.

Here are some of them:


Whether it's an ink mark on your shirt or a spaghetti-sauce stain on your kid's uniform, stubborn stains make laundry time longer than it should be.

Sometimes, babad is not enough, and kuskos or some hard scrubbing needs to be done.

The latter ends up becoming an unintentional arm workout.

Then there's paninilaw, too. White shirts make anyone easily stand out, but it's quite a pain to maintain their whiteness because after several washes or as they age, they often turn yellow.


Reading the clothes' washing labels is something busy moms usually forget to do.

As a result, some items shrink a size or two either because of the fabric or the temperature of the water they're washed in. Sometimes, they can get stretched and lose their shape, too, due to the method of washing.


This is the bane of every mom's existence especially during rainy days when clothes don't dry properly.

Worse, they will have to deal with the smell until the next laundry day.


Handwashing doesn't only take time and effort—it also irritates the hands.

The friction from scrubbing clothes to remove stains can cause the hands to redden and peel. Not only is it unsightly, but it also stings.

Doing the laundry doesn’t have to take so much time and hurt your hands. The trick is in choosing the right powder detergent: one that is effective in removing stubborn stains but is also gentle on hands, like Breeze with Powercare Technology.

With Breeze with Powercare Technology, removing tough stains doesn't have to be tough on your hands.

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