Jodi Sta. Maria excited to finish college

IMAGE Noel Orsal

Jodi Sta. Maria finds comfort in the fact that her pre-med degree in BS Psychology will help people in the future.

Jodi Sta. Maria is now on her final year at Southville International School and Colleges.

TheĀ ABS-CBN actress is inches away from reaching the "finish line," as she phrased in a recent Instagram post, and is fully aware that her journey is about to enter its most difficult chapter.

In her interview with (Philippine Entertainment Portal) after her launch as the newest Ever Bilena endorser last April 4, Jodi mused on the challenges she's expecting on her final school year.

She said, "This year and next year, I know it will not be easy.

"Number one, I'm on my thesis na, so I'm doing my thesis na and I must say, hindi talaga siya madali. Ang hirap talaga.

"But I'm very excited for it, for the reason na parang...

"I guess yung most beautiful destination would come after the hardest climbs, and I feel na nandun ako sa hardest climb ng life ko ngayon when it comes to my academics."


Jodi, who is taking up BS Psychology, a pre-med course, finds comfort in the fact that she will be able to help more people.

The Kapamilya star continued, "I know after this, it will just be worth it.

"It's not easy, but I think nakakatulong sa akin yung mas natsa-challenge ako, mas napu-push ako, mas namu-motivate ako na mas ibigin pa yung kurso na kinuha ako.

"Because I know, later on, it's not about having a degree or a diploma, but it's really...

"I know with the tools, the knowledge, and the skills that I am learning now, I will be able to apply later on and it will hopefully help a lot of people." interviewed Jodi at Lazat Fil-Asian Restaurant in Quezon City.


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