Leila Alcasid gets warm welcome from dad Ogie Alcasid and family

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Leila Alcasid is set to live in Manila with her dad Ogie Alcasid, her stepmom Regine Velasquez, and half-brother Nate.

On January 11, Leila Alcasid arrived in Manila, which will become her residence for a year.

Greeting her at the airport was her dad Ogie Alcasid and half-brother Nate.

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Look, she also got a hug from her dad's son with Regine Velasquez.

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Her stepmom was not in the two photos posted by Ogie, but she already posted a welcome note for Leila two weeks ago.

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Is she going to join showbiz? Is she also a singer? Is she going to be a beauty queen like her mom?

Before we bombard her with those questions, here are a few things to know about the eldest of Ogie and Miss Australia 1994 Michelle van Eimeren.

Leila turned 19 years old on October 16, last year.

She spent her first year in college at St. John’s College, University of Sydney.

Leila has a younger sister named Sarah (right). She’s 14 years old.

Leila calls Nate "my favorite little boy" and "my little love."

With her pending new life in Manila, Leila decided to put up a blog, leilaalcasid.com, to document her adventures.

As revealed on her blog entry “very ambitious to-do list," Leila has grand dreams of traveling around the world.

Her top dream destination is the colorful land of Morocco.

Alongside her wanderlust fantasies, Leila hopes to taste the unique offerings of different world cuisines, specifically, Japanese and Italian.

Ogie’s eldest daughter is good friends with Janno Gibbs' youngest daughter Gabby (left) who shares her love for fashion and art.

She is a beach babe.

Leila also hopes to do some volunteer work for UNICEF Philippines and in Liberia.

She has always considered volunteer work a “large part” of her “life goals.”

“I feel even the smallest bit of help can contribute to a greater strive for difference.”


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