How Lucy Torres coped with difficult period in her life

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Lucy Torres says her daughter Juliana unwittingly helped her overcome a difficult period in her life. "She did not question my tears, or my silence, but she sat beside me and basically helped me be sad."

Who would not want to be Lucy Torres?

She's beautiful, comes from a well-to-do family, has her own ideal family, and is successful in every endeavor she ventures into—be it in politics or showbiz or fashion.

But her life is not always a walk in the park. Just like most of us, she, too, has her share of problems.

Her latest post gave her Instagram followers a glimpse on how she gets through tough times.

She began, "Somewhere back in time, when life threw me a curve ball, I found myself lingering by our kitchen table in Greenhills, doodling aimlessly at first, and then drawing.....chairs.

"I don't know why. It could have been houses, or flowers, but somehow it had to be chairs.

"I would draw one after the other, and soon enough Juliana joined in. Sometimes Richard would help me draw, too, but because he always had work, it was mostly Juliana and myself."


That became a routine of sorts for the mom and her daughter.

Lucy resumed, "I drew, she colored. We did this after every meal, usually lunch.

"I probably did not talk much, lost as I was in my thoughts, but working with my hands was a better option than staring into space.

"And the then-nine-year-old little being beside me was a healing presence, with her happy choice of colors and even happier (and yes, sometimes funny) stories.

"So I drew and drew, and she colored and colored.

"She did not question my tears, or my silence, but she sat beside me and basically helped me be sad, I guess without even knowing that she was doing just that."

Juliana is now 16. The period Lucy was referring to must be sometime in 2010, the year she was elected as representative of the fourth district of Leyte.

Back to her story, "In the end, we had over 30 drawings, that particular part of life's journey resolved itself in due time, and in hindsight even opened big doors for things to be better.


"Soon enough, Juliana and I randomly chose 27 colored illustrations to print into all-purpose cards, and, to this day I have some left still.

"I did have one each of all 27 framed for posterity, and they hang in our kitchen in Greenhills to this day.

"The ones you see in this post are but some of them."

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In a nutshell, Lucy just wanted to remind everyone that no matter what kind of situation you are in now, there are many ways to solve them.

"I share this little back story in the hope of comforting anyone going through a rough patch, whatever it is. We cope in different ways.

"Looking back at some moments in my life, my therapy has always been working with my hands, trying to create something beautiful in a world that isn't always so.

"Maybe there is something about the ease of drawing and coloring that unburdens the spaces within.


"Others bake, or eat, or run, or write. It doesn't matter what you take on, really.

"Just do what you can to get one foot in front of the other. Everyday."

Lastly, remember that it is just a phase in your life.

"The best part of it all? As with most things, everything just passes. It always blows over. It always falls into place. Somehow, life can always be good and gentle that way," she ended.


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