And the best Valentine bouquet goes to...

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On their first Valentine's Day, Aly Borromeo gave KC Concepcion a bouquet of roses which were flown in from Montmartre, Paris, one of the lady's "favorite places in the world!"

Flowers remain the most popular Valentine gift.

Some see them impractical because they're going to wither and die, yet, they're so expensive.

But the idea of a guy making that extra effort for her lady is simply sweet.

Besides, in this day of social media, the flowers are instant visual treats.

Let us see who among the stars received the most beautiful bouquet on Valentine's Day.

And oh, do not feel bad if the one you received didn't have elaborate arrangement or variety of flowers and colors. It's the effort that matters.

Maxine Medina

These two-tone roses and red carnation came from her boyfriend of six years, Marx Topacio.

Maggie Wilson

The former beauty queen wrote "spoiled" when she got these flowers from her husband Victor Consunji.

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Bea Alonzo

The Kapamilya actress didn't say who gave them to her, but she must be "special" to him. He picked a heart-shaped bouquet!



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Neri Miranda

Rainbow-colored roses from her husband Chito Miranda, weeeee!

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Cristalle Belo

Justin Pitt sought the help of florist/stylist Rob Blancaflor for this beautifully-arranged blooms for his wife.

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Billy Crawford

This spherical dome-shaped arrangement was courtesy of Petalier.

Coleen Garcia ordered it for her boyfriend Billy Crawford.

Believe it or not, it has "100 stems of Ecuadorian roses."

Coleen Garcia

Billy gave this bunch of roses and orchids to his fiancee.

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KC Concepcion

For their first Valentine's Day, Aly Borromeo gave his girlfriend a bouquet of roses which, according to KC, were flown in from Montmartre, Paris, one of her "favorite places in the world!"

LJ Reyes

Paolo Contis gave LJ a bouquet of tulips. Her son Aki handed a mini-version.

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Kris Aquino

She may be loveless, but Kris received the prettiest pink roses and tulips from her friends.

This arrangement was sent by her inaanak Toni Gonzaga and Paul Soriano.



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