Luis Manzano spearheads clean-up crusade to save our oceans


World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Philippines Ambassador Luis Manzano strikes a pose with WWF mascot Chi-Chi. With his recent appointment as Marine Conservation Steward, he hopes to initiate clean-up campaigns to rid our oceans of toxic waste.

Luis Manzano has been in love with the ocean for almost a decade now.

He started scuba diving back in 2007, but only started dabbling in underwater photography in 2013.

The Family Feud host landed ninth place at the Diving Resort Travel Expo Philippines' Underwater Photo Challenge last August 30, 2016.

Soon afterwards, he made a separate Instagram account dedicated to his underwater photography.

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With this profound love for the ocean, it was no surprise that Luis became a Marine Conservation Steward for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

“You fall in love with the ocean, but unfortunately you also see the changes,” Luis told (Philippine Entertainment Portal) at the launching of WWF's Individual Donor Program (IDP) at the Glorietta 3 last March 16.

CALL TO ACTION. Luis confessed that he felt devastated about watching the ocean lose its rich marine life with his own two eyes.

“May mga dive na ang sarap-sarap ng dive mo, pero makakasalubong mo plastic, makakasalubong mo basura.  

"So many beautiful fishes dito, so many beautiful corals, biglang may nakapatong na kung anu-ano. 

“Even climate change per se, talagang it affects the corals.

"Yung corals dati sobrang ganda, sobrang mapula.

“Ngayon, maputi na. It’s bleached!” he laments.

Having experienced the ocean’s vast treasures many times over the years, Luis fervently asks people not to take our ocean for granted.

“Minsan, sa isang diving site, puntahan mo, let’s say, January.

“Minsan pagdating sa end of the year, iba na yung hitsura at dahil nag-iiiba na nga yung temperature ng tubig…

"It all boils down to climate change.

“Sometimes I sound redundant, but para sa ’kin, it’s the main point na you cannot wait for other people to take care of the planet.

“Hindi puwedeng, ‘Hindi, next generation na lang, kaya na nila ‘yan!’

"Tapos tayo, matanda na tayo, enjoy lang tayo. Hindi.


“Hindi puwede isalalay sa iba.

“We are the only solution for climate,” he stresses.


DOING YOUR PART. How can we start helping out in saving our oceans?

Luis suggested, “Something as simple as, for example, I’m underwater, I see a piece of plastic, piece of garbage.

"You pick it up and other divers see it, parang na-aano sila, ‘Onga noh, I should do my part.’

“I’m a firm believer in the ripple effect.”

One of the people that Luis has personally influenced with his cause is his rumored girlfriend Jessy Mendiola.

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“For example, si Jessy, after a few dives, she dove without me.

"Tapos sabi ko, ‘Oh, how was your dive?’

"Sabi niya, ‘Wala, kinukuha ko lang mga plastic.’

“The small things. Hopefully these small things snowball into something good,” Luis fervently prays.





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