Meet hunk heartthrob Prince Mateen, Brunei's version of Prince Harry

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Twenty-five-year-old Prince Mateen is said to be the Prince Harry of Brunei.

Some have pronounced him Brunei’s version of Prince Harry.

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Others claim that 25-year-old Prince Mateen, with his dark hair and preference for suits that flaunt his muscular physique, is a resurrection of Cary Grant.

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His following on Instagram increased by 166 percent after his public visit to Thailand, according to a magazine that interviewed him.

All around the Internet, Prince Mateen has been getting a lot of attention.

And so has his action-packed lifestyle.

What keeps this Brunei royal busy?

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Just like Prince Harry, he attends military functions in uniform and other state activities in a sharp suit.

Prince Mateen is a lieutenant in the Brunei military, having studied at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in the U.K. at age 18.

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He has his own military uniform, and presumably, a heap of bespoke suits for dinners and other state functions.

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He plays polo daily.

For Prince Mateen, four in the afternoon is polo time. Sometimes, he plays with his sister, Princess Azemah.


He has even been featured on the cover of a magazine holding a mallet.

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If polo seems to be a staple activity among the wealthy, it’s because of the required exclusivity.

This sport is usually played in clubs that have high membership fees.

To play polo, one needs a horse.

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To properly groom a horse, one needs a stable and a trainer. It is an activity that requires expensive upkeep.

Prince Mateen has been seen on horseback treading the beach. That must have been a well-trained horse.

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