Rocco Nacino hopes to become a dad in his early 30s

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Rocco Nacino had a post-birthday celebration with the Right Start Community Center for Underprivileged Kids at Kidzoona, Robinsons Galleria yesterday, March 28, 2017.

On March 21, 2017, Rocco Nacino marked his 30th birthday by ticking off an item from his bucket list: start the construction of his own home.

His next goal now that he is in his 30s is settle down.

In an exclusive interview with (Philippine Entertainment Portal) during his birthday celebration with Right Start Community Center for Underprivileged Kids at Kidzoona, Robinsons Galleria, on March 28, 2017, the Kapuso star revealed that he sees himself starting his own family in the near future.

When asked at what age does he want to become a dad, he quipped, "now!"

Turning serious, he told PEP, "I'm hoping na early thirties.

"Kasi gusto ko nakakalaro ko pa iyong anak ko kahit matanda na ako."

He added, "Actually, I wanna start early pero wala pa iyong mom.

"I have to wait and pray for that."

Rocco has a soft spot for kids.

His love for them was a huge factor why he took up nursing in college.

The Encantadia star explained, "...Hoping to become a doctor.

"I wanted to become a pediatrician kasi mahilig talaga ako sa bata.

"I took up Nursing as my pre-med, 'tapos I was supposed to go to medical school kaso showbiz happened.

"Pero sumusundot-sundot pa rin ako sa medical field."

Rocco is aware that becoming a father is no walk in the park.

That's why he looks up to his Dad Ralph.

He proudly shared, "My dad, nako, he's definitely my idol. My dad is someone who's really hardworking.

"He grew up the eldest of nine siblings. Imagine, siya tumutulong sa lola ko para makapag-school sila.

"So, my dad was working and studying at the same time. And he got his degree, he's an electrical engineer.

"And seeing him take care of us, talagang it made me open my eyes, and I tell myself na 'I want to be like him.'


"Gusto ko ganyan ako kasipag pagtanda ko."

Whatever Rocco has achieved in his 20s, he thanked his father and mother Linda, who both gave him their one-hundred percent support.

"Lagi nilang sinasabi sa akin na studies muna before anything else.

"Sabi ko talaga, buti hindi ako nagpasaway.

"Ipagyayabang ko talaga na, I am this smart because of them.

"Lots of lessons for me of being a hard worker and always keeping that fire burning."

So far, what has been the greatest lesson life has taught him?

Rocco noted, "You have one life, so live it.' So it's living every day to its fullest, and enjoying every day.

"And always make the right decisions and to always have that full complete fulfilled life," he ended.





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