Daphne Oseña-Paez on bashers: "Don't patol the way they do."

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Daphne Oseña-Paez shares her best advice on how to tune out on the rampant negativity on social media: "Don't patol the way they do. Find a way to rise above."

Online bashing and trolls are commonplace in this day and age.

Daphne Oseña-Paez started blogging since 2007, and has since experienced her fair share of negativity online.

Yes, she has been bashed several times, doesn't get affected by any of it "because I know my real life."

Daphne initially started blogging just so she could have a diary of sorts.

But one thing led to another and, in no time, she established herself as a credible influencer, even before the term became a byword.

Of her transition, the host/entrepreneur/producer says, “Suddenly now, it's an industry, so I saw the jump from hobby to being a brand."

She adds, "This generation is so lucky that whatever you wanna do, like start a business online, it's such a wonderful opportunity.

“It's a great time right now for everyone to learn to make connections and move the world to a better place."

While she believes that the digital world is out there for everyone, Daphne cautions netizens to be more judicious, responsible, and discerning with their online activities.

"They have evolved and it's hard to ignore," she remarks.

Hence, at the recent event of Rabeanco, PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) ask her, "What's the classy way of putting bashers in their place?"

1. Don't get so affected.

"I look at it as a mother."

"If my child was bashed, I need to give her tools to deal with it."

Her tools? Her husband, her family, and her parents who love her.

"I shouldn't care what one person says."

2. Don't go psycho.

"Don't patol the way they do. Find a way to rise above."

Remember that your digital footprint lasts a long time, and you don't want to be reminded of negativity years later.

"We have children, we don't want a world full of hate and animosity."


She pities online haters, "Kawawa naman, to have a life that is so miserable that you are spreading hate."

4. Your social media is your property.

"I delete, it's my property."

"It's like my house, if you come and litter, you are not allowed anymore."

5. Respond, if you must, when you are calm.

Some things are hard to ignore, especially if fighting back is for family and your children. Always find a way to say things in a proper manner.

"Do not react while you're angry, wait an hour, go outside, breathe."

"Have a drink, breathe again, pray."

Then you can find the right words.

"I even go as far as pray for them."

6. Spread kindness.

"I really just want a culture of kindness everywhere."

Daphne believes it is better to be kind than to be right, "because if everybody is fighting for who is right, you will never find a solution. Stop arguing."

7. Disconnect.

Unplug if you need it.

"The voluntary times I have disconnected to be with family, those I value most, I don't even share on Instagram, and it makes me creative."

Your digital life can be taken away from you so Daphne reminds everyone to be happy with who they are.

"Watch out for predators even on the children's games online."

"Remind the help and household staff to not geo tag and post photos of your child when they are out, as somebody with malicious intent could be lurking around."





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