Rhian Ramos gets another traditional tattoo from Apo Whang-Od

IMAGE Courtesy of @whianwamos on Instagram

GMA-7 actress Rhian Ramos's new triangular-shaped tattoo from renowned Kalinga artist Apo Whang-Od sits atop her first two tattoos depicting a scorpion and a hawk.

After almost two years and a half, GMA-7 actress Rhian Ramos gets a new tattoo from Apo Whang-Od, the oldest and last surviving mambabatok from the Kalinga tribe.

The My Love From The Star actress went back to a Buscalan Village in Tinglayan, Kalinga, last weekend to meet Apo Whang-Od for another tattoo session.

Rhian arrived last Friday, May 12, and immediately posted a photo of the view from her window.

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For her latest ink, Rhian got a triangle-shaped tattoo which was placed on top of the first two tattoos—the scorpion and the hawk—she got from Apo Whang-Od and her grandniece, Grace Palicas.

Rhian posted the photo of the tattoo process on her Instagram.

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In a separate Instagram post, Rhian hoped that this would be her last tattoo.

The 26-year-old Kapuso actress also revealed that she collaborated with Apo Whang-Od and Grace for the design of her new tattoo.


Rhian wrote, "Round 2: the beginnings of my new (and hopefully, last) tattoo..

"Designed by me, drawn by Grace and tapped in by Apo Whang Od, right above my last two tatts from them, the scorpion and hawk.

"Their energies are so open and giving... I'm just so grateful they agreed to this request. A little old, a little new."

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After the tattoo session, Rhian enjoyed a bonding moment with Apo Whang-Od and Francis, who also guided her during her first visit back in 2014.

Rhian brought pictures of her last visit and showed it to Apo Whang-Od.

Her caption reads: "While the rest of us have selfies and galleries full of our faces, apps that remind us of photos from a year ago, the tribe relies on the visitors for prints of past moments =) photos are the best pasalubong.

"When visiting Buscalan, take a bunch, have them printed, and mail them back to your tourguide. Or bring the prints when you come back =)


"Here's Whang Od, Francis my guide/translator looking through photos of my last visit =) natawa siya nung nakita niya yung photo na binubuhat mo siya @salvalancer."

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