What Australia's "hottest" grandma had to give up to stay healthy and sexy

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This sexy lady is turning 70 years old this July. Her name is Carolyn Hartz.

Carolyn Hartz, who has been dubbed "Australia hottest gran," is currently making waves on social media.

Turning 70 years old this July, her bikini photos showed that she still has a body to die for.

Her secrets are pretty simple.

In Carolyn's interview with News.com.au, she revealed, "You have to watch what you put it in your mouth, that’s number one, and two, you have to move your legs."

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But keeping a sexy figure was not her main goal. 

When Carolyn was 40, she had a health scare which began with "daily spells and low energy levels."

She told Woman's Day Magazine Australia, "I had to get my head together. I didn't want type 2 diabetes, and I didn't want to do injections.

"I was really frightened."

That made her decide to quit sugar.

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But since she has a sweet tooth, the former flight attendant/model put her efforts into coming up with sugar-free food.

She opened SweetLife, which—according to the company's Instagram account—is "Australia's leading creator and supplier of natural sugar free food sweetened with Perfect Sweet xylitol."

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Does Carolyn have a fitness routine?

When she has the time, she plays tennis and does some paddleboarding.

But her regular exercise is going for a walk in Perth with her husband of 40 years.

She also meditates.

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The mother of three and grandmother of four admitted to getting some "maintenance done" to look good.

But her important beauty secret, according to Instagram, is "expressing gratitude," and making it a "daily habit."

Add to that, she sleeps seven to eight hours per night and does charity work for the Brain Cancer Foundation. 

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