Tattoo ideas you may want to copy from these celebrities

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Marian Rivera's butterfly tattoo (left) and Ina Raymundo's dragonfly and flower tattoos (right) as executed by Myke Sambajon. Meanwhile, Rhian Ramos (middle) got her ink from Apo Whang-Od.

A lot has to be considered when you're planning to have your first tattoo.

Deciding which size, design, and where to put it may cause you a bit of a stress.

Small tattoos get a lot of attention in the recent years because they are discrete and easily hidden.

These tiny tatts also are done in a jiffy and therefore a lot less painful, depending on their location, than the more complicated ones.

Take note, though, these inks are not to be taken lightly. For tattooed people, they have a big meaning and a major influence on their style.

Here are some tattoo ideas you may want to copy from your favorite celebrities:

GMA-7's Primetime Queen Marian Rivera has always been fond of flowers and butterflies. In 2013, she went on a tattoo date with her husband Dingdong Dantes, and got a small butterfly tattoo done by Myke Sambajon of P and P tattoo and body art shop just below her nape.

Actress Ina Raymundo also tapped Myke to have her 20-year-old tattoo on her shoulder blade retouched and updated early this January. She had it recolored and added a dragonfly tattoo.

Film and TV director Joyce Bernal got her first ink last tattoo, also done by Myke. Her choice of design is the logo of her favorite band, 30 Seconds to Mars.

Singer/Actor Khalil Ramos went for a more hipster design for his right forearm. Myke drew a brain with circles surrounding in Khalil's wrist.

GMA7 actress Louise delos Reyes had Emao Clemen of P and P tattoo and body art shop write the coordinates of Cavite (where she lives) just above her elbow.

Kapuso star Rhian Ramos had her tattoos done traditionally by Apo Whang-Od. Rhian got her first set of tattoos by Apo Whang-Od—a hawk and a scorpion—back in 2014. Early this year, she went back to get a new one, which she personally designed.


Alex Diaz had his left wrist tattooed with the power button and ship's helm drawn on his right wrist. In a previous interview with, the MYX VJ explained, "I always believed kasi na you should, especially if you know the tattoos, especially if you're gonna put words, it should always be positive words that you believe will happen."

Actress/singer Emannuelle Vera opted for less visible, white-inked "serve" and "love" tattoos on her wrists as a personal reminder.





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