Why Jennylyn Mercado is a good life peg for moms and moms-to-be

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Jennylyn Mercado is the lone hot momma who made it to the top ten of this year's FHM Philippines 100 sexiest women. She bags sixth place.

Once again, Jennylyn Mercado made it to the top ten of FHM Philippines's 100 sexiest women list. She landed in sixth place.

In fact, she's the lone hot momma who finished strong in this year's annual poll. Cheers!

But aside from being sexy, Jen is also a survivor.

She has been through a lot (she was a battered child), and has had stumbles along the way (she is not perfect!).

The admirable thing about this star: she knows how to bounce back.

To celebrate all her victories, we listed down the reasons why she's a good life peg for moms and moms-to-be.

She works hard; works harder as a mom.

When she's not busy, she gives Jazz her undivided attention.

When she's very busy, she makes it up to her eight-year-old son.

In a 2015 previous interview, the lady, who was hailed the Sexiest Woman that year, said, "Bawi talaga ako kahit wala pang tulog. At hindi puwedeng, sasabihin mo, 'Anak, pagod ako kaya ganito.' 

"As a mom, kung ano yung performance mo sa harap ng camera, dapat mas todo pa. Kumbaga, time well spent."

Jen and Jazz welcomed New Year in twinning polka pajamas

"Proud mum" during her son's Recognition Day.

She is both sexy and strong.

Do you know she has a heart ailment?

But that didn't stop her from becoming a triathlete, and mastered arnis and brick training.

Her usual fitness routine is "a full bike workout, followed immediately by a full run workout."

Jen's favorite however is Pilates, a series of movements that improves posture, flexibility, and abdominal strength. 

She also does Plana Forma, "a cross between yoga, Pilates, and dance."

This workout increases calorie burn and improves control, stability, and cardiovascular and muscular endurance.


She doesn't let herself go.

In one of her Avon events, she said, "Hindi naman kelangang naka-makeup parati, basta maganda yung skin at maayos yung buhok."

The My Love From The Star female lead takes care of herself by visiting her dermatologist regularly and drinking a lot of water.

She added, "Saka alam dapat paano i-handle stress."

She gives her best in very thing she does.

Jennylyn has made romantic comedy her turf, and has proven her reliability and versatility many times as a TV and movie actress.

Good job, Jennylyn!





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