Yassi Pressman: "Madali lang maging masaya, there's always a choice."

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Yassi Pressman, just like many celebrities, has fallen victim to cyberbullying, mostly from netizens who compare her to her fellow celebrities. To purge such negative vibes, she advises, "I would like to say na do not compare yourself to another. The best person you can compare yourself to is the person you were yesterday."

Just like many celebrities and public figures, FPJ’s Ang Probinsiyano star Yassi Pressman has been a victim cyberbullying.

Yassi knows the feeling of being pitted against her fellow celebrities.

“Biktima rin ako niyan.

"Lalo na sa social media, mga bashers.

"Tao rin naman ako.

"Naaapektuhan din naman ako,” the actress confessed at the launch of her latest endorsement, Silka Papaya Beauty Soap, last July 13, Thursday, at The Artsy Café, in Quezon City.

According to Yassi, social media has made it easier for people to pry on celebrities' lives. Because of their larger-than-life personas, they usually end up being the easiest targets.

“Para lang tayong interesado sa ginagawa ng iba.

"Mas nandun yung focus natin kesa sa ginagawa natin,” she lamented.

However, her experiences had taught her how to deal with this persistent challenge.

She advised, “Kapag do’n mo binigay ang pansin mo, lagi ka na lang naka-focus do’n.

"Babagal yung growth mo.  

“Try to do things better on your own.

“I would like to say na do not compare yourself to another.

“The best person you can compare yourself to is the person you were yesterday.

“Always try to grow on your own kesa sa tumitingin tayo sa ibang tao.

“Kasi malaking distraction kapag ginamit natin 'yon to feed our insecurities.”

And if this challenge becomes too much to carry alone, Yassi suggested having a support system.

“Kung di mo kaya 'yon mag-isa, kasi mahirap mag-isa, use your friends, use your family—lahat ng support system na puwede mong gamitin to make your life more colorful.


“Do’n ka na lang mag-focus.

“Grabe talaga ang bashing nowadays, sobrang intense.

“Sana ma-realize nila na everyone has feelings and sana everyone thinks before you click.”  

ON STAYING FRESH. On a lighter note, the 22-year-old Filipina-British actress also knows the struggles of trying to stay fresh at all times.

The daily grind, lack of sleep, and continuous work can easily deplete her energy and the glow in her skin.

For Yassi, having the right attitude and the right lifestyle can help address this concern.

“Drink a lot of water, aside from taking care of yourself from the outside, finding the right products.

“Take care of yourself from the inside.

"Alagaan nang tama ang sarili mo, sa food.

“Ako I like to balance everything out.

"Kasi mahilig akong mag-cheat, mahilig ako sa sweets, mahilig ako sa cheese, mahilig ako sa food.

“Yun ang nagpapasaya sa akin, isa sa mga biggest things.

“Pero, at the same time, balance it out with fruits, drink a lot of water."

Most importantly, no matter what circumstances you are in, whether or not you have bashers, "Stay happy—yung inner glow.

“Madali lang maging masaya, there’s always a choice,” she beamed.





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