Watch a lady break one-million-peso worth of art to get the perfect selfie

IMAGE mean_dauphine on Instagram / Youtube

A university student in Los Angeles, California broke $20,000 or PHP1,018,140 worth of art while taking a selfie.

To some, getting that “perfect selfie” can be ridiculously stressful.

Taking pictures is no longer just about saying, "Cheese," but finding the best angle, lighting, and view in the fastest way possible.

Others go to the great length of having a selfie on the ledge.

But how far will you go for the perfect selfie?

A university student in Los Angeles, California, for instance, broke $20,000 or PHP1,00,000 worth of art because of selfie.

Yes, she lost her footing while taking a selfie, and caused a domino effect when she hit one of the pedestals.

The entire scene was captured on video and uploaded on YouTube.

In a warehouse space in the city, Hong Kong-based artist Simon Birch opened an art show which LA Times described as a “series of wondrous, over-the-top sets for the perfect selfie [that] makes Instagram the perfect platform through which to experience all the high-budget spectacle.”

Among the art installations in the exhibit was called Hypercaine, a collaboration piece with fellow artists Gabriel Chan, Jacob Blitzer, and Gloria Yu.

It featured crowns made from various types of materials such as wood, nylon, gold, and silver.

Each piece was placed on top of a pedestal.

Artist Gloria Yu confirmed to New York-based arts and culture website that each crown was "priced at around $20,000..." 

In her statement, she revealed that their group will not be taking any legal action against the university student.

She wrote, “The young student, a Chinese girl studying at a local university, was horrified and upset when the pedestals fell.

“We took down her details but decided not to take action as it was clearly an accident, and she is a student.

“Plus, we are a non-profit so it’s not like we could afford to sue her anyway.”


Phew! That was one selfie that almost cost her a fortune to post!





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