Gabbi Garcia would rather invest money than spend on luxuries

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Gabbi Garcia sees the importance of saving early: "I recommend teenagers like me to put their hearts into saving up 'cos they'll need it eventually."

Despite her numerous projects, Gabbi Garcia is fully aware that there’s nothing permanent in the industry she works for.

Thus, she sees the need to be financially secured as early as now.

In fact, she still prefers having “weekly allowances” so she doesn't overspend.

“It is very important to me kasi ako, I am a goal-oriented person so I want everything to be really organized when it comes to finances,” she said in an interview with (Philippine Entertainment Portal) during her media event last July 21, 2017.

One way of making sure she doesn't spend more than what she's supposed to is, “I do not have my card with me."

The Kapuso actresses elaborated, “I do not have anything with me. It’s all with my parents.

“I give every thing to them so sila iyong nag-aasikaso ng finances ko.

“From day one kasi, it’s always my parents who handle the finances."

She will only borrow her credit card when she needs to purchase something.

“Kung kailangan ko, sa akin muna yung card today.

“Then the next day, kapag hindi ko na kailangan, balik na.

“I’m not really magastos naman.”

WISE SPENDER. While some ladies find joy in rewarding themselves with designer shoes or bags or clothes, the 18-year-old beauty said, “...I’d rather spend on investments rather than yung mga luxurious stuff.”

She also underlined, “You have to use your money smartly.

“We have to really work on your investments, long-term investments.”

Where does she invest her money?

Shyly, she revealed, “Sa lupa, sa lupa talaga.”

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Lastly, the Kapuso actress also encourages fellow teenagers to start saving the soonest.

“I recommend teenagers like me to put their hearts into saving up ‘cos they’ll need it eventually.”





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