Nico Bolzico 'punished' for pulling last prank on wife Solenn Heussaff

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How does Nico Bolzico feel about the attention he's been getting because of his social media posts? "I'm only an accessory of this one," referring to his wife, Solenn Heussaff.

Nico Bolzico admitted he has intentionally stopped pulling a prank on his wife Solenn Heussaff.

When asked why, he revealed that his hair-dryer prank didn't sit well with the Kapuso star.

“After that...she was really upset about that one, really upset, ” Nico told reporters in an interview during the launch of their newest endorsement, Kenny Rogers Roaster's garlic butter roast, held recently.

In case you don't remember, here's what happened: Nico put powder on Solenn's hair dryer.

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The actress/singer/painter threw in, “Not that upset. Tell them the truth.”

Looking at her, Nico asked, “I'll tell them the truth? Okay, I'll them the truth.

“She got really upset after that, really upset.

“I had to clean the bathroom three times even though it's clean already."

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Aside from cleaning the bathroom, the Argentinian businessman was asked by his wife to "slow down a little bit because I was going a bit over the top."

Nico added, “So since that prank, there were no more pranks.”

No more pranks ever?

He quickly replied, “No, it will come back.

“I've been pranking people since 1995.

"It's just now that I'm pranking a famous person that's why we can't...”

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In a separate interview, Nico said what his followers see on Instagram is his personality in real life.

“If you look at my posts before, it's the same way as today,” he said.

“I'm always very clownish with my friends and family. I'm the clown.

“I keep making jokes, I like to prank, that's who I am.”


Even his witty and funny captions were never meant to catch attention.

“I have a rule with the captions—whatever I write, I cannot erase.

“So, when I'm writing caption, there's no rule about what it's gonna be. It can come out as long, but I cannot erase and go back, so it stays real.”

How does Nico feel about becoming famous for his social media posts?

“I'm only an accessory of this one,” referring to Solenn, who responded in jest, “Yeah, you better recognize.”

The couple laughed.

Turning his attention back to the reporters, he quipped, “See, when I try to be sweet she's like that. That's why my sweetness is getting lower and lower.”

Hiding from Wifezila! #camouflage #ipromiseiwillmakeaseriouspostthistrip #butitisnotthisone

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How they are as a couple at home?

Solenn rolled her eyes, “My god, it's worse at home."

Nico seconded, “She's worse at home. She's passive-agressive, very intense, very tidy, and she's very bossy. That's what I'm trying to show. Actually, I'm trying to help...”

Then, he immediately added, “The reality is, I call her wifezilla because she's the exact opposite of wifezilla.”

Defend herself from the tag her husband has given her, Solenn explained, "No, I'm actually a super wifezille when it comes to the house cleaning, tidying up.

"The rest, just chill.”





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