Kiana Valenciano wishes to tell her family that she is no longer a "baby girl"

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Kiana Valenciano will take part in the first-ever, female-oriented youth festival It's A Girl Thing on November 18, 2017. The festival is designed to explore the many  aspects of what it is to be a young woman in this day and age.

Growing up, Kiana Valenciano described herself as “one of the boys.”

As the youngest child and the unica hija of Gary Valenciano and Angeli Valenciano, her two older brothers, Paolo and Gab, had been her playmates.

And now that she is 24 years old, she remains close to her brothers, who, sometimes, treat her like a "baby girl."

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During a short catch-up with her at the launch of the first-ever, female-oriented festival It’s A Girl Thing last September 21, at the Ibiza Beach Club in Bonifacio Global City, the singer and social media influencer said, “I was definitely one of the boys, but also a girly girl.

“It was very fun having to keep up with my brothers…”

As the only girl in the family, her parents and kuyas have been very protective of her.

More often than not, this placed her in a tough spot.

She related, “It’s still kinda tough now in the family because, you know, I’m still a baby. I’m the ‘baby girl'...


“They are protective, and there are certain things that they wouldn’t let me do because I [am] a girl.

“And now, it just seems crazy for me to think that you don’t allow girls to do something for the mere fact that they are a girl.

“But we’re getting there.

“I’m gonna let them know I’m tough and I’m strong,” Kiana asserted.

EXCELLENCE OVER PERFECTION. But generally, Kiana and her endeavors have the full support of dad Gary and mom Angeli.

Kiana said, “A lot of people think there’s pressure that comes from [my dad] for me to be [in the industry], but there’s none.

“I think at a very young age, he empowered [me] to find my own path, and that’s what I’m doing now.

“I found my way back in the music industry.

“They didn’t force me to do it.


“It’s gravity!”

She further related that her dad taught her the value of excellence.

“He pushes me to never settle for something that doesn’t make me feel excellent.

“He always says, ‘You know, there’s no such thing as perfect, but there is excellence, so strive for that.’

“He never belittles me, especially when it comes to work…

“He supports.”

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