These celebrity kids are the cutest in their Halloween costumes!

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Scarlet Snow and Seve Soriano attend a Halloween party dressed as their favorite characters in Beauty and the Beast.

Since last weekend, these celebrity kids have been busy attending Halloween parties or trick-or-treating.

Dressed in their cutest costumes, they didn't actually scare but spread good vibes to all the people who saw them.

Scarlet Snow Belo was clad in the Belle costume she wore last year, while Seve Soriano was Cogsworth, the clock of Beauty and the Beast.

This clock, according to Scarlet, loves to munch on marshmallows.

Dimples Romana's kids Callie was Queen Elsa, while Alonzo Romeo was Olaf!

Amari was Princess Aurora, the Sleeping Beauty.

The young lady is the unica hija of Gian and Joy Sotto, and apo of Senator Tito Sotto and Helen Gamboa.

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Camille Prats's son Nathan was Harry Potter.

The actress/host captioned: “'Wingardium Leviosa! [a spell used to make objects fly]'

"This little boy has been obsessing about Harry Potter this past few days always asking me about it..."

Minka, Ina Raymundo's daughter, was a character.

On Instagram, the actress wrote, "Ang batang pinaglihi ko sa Zombie! I watched 4 seasons of The Walking Dead while I was pregnant with her. Ito ang kinalabasan."

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Rufa Mae Quinto and Trevor Magallanes's daughter was Minnie Mouse.

Melissa Ricks's Kiera Kelly picked Ariel in Little Mermaid.

And yup, her yaya had to carry her throughout the party.

The following day, Kiera Kelly was Tinkerbell.

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Alfred and Yasmine Vargas's daughter Alexandra and Aryana went twinning in Wonder Woman costumes.

Say Alonzo's son Asher was Woody in Toy Story.

Jen Rosendahl's son Tyler was a little pirate.

Trick or treat with my lil one ?????? Happy Halloween ????

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Happy Halloween!





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