KC Concepcion's precious rings from grandma Elaine Cuneta

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KC Concepcion on her late grandmother Elaine Cuneta: "Siya yung nagturo sa akin kung paano ayusin sarili ko."

This was part of her eulogy two years ago.

KC Concepcion lost her grandmother, Elaine Cuneta, to complications due to abdominal surgery on November 5, 2014.

To commemorate the death anniversary of her "super lola," KC posted some of the "treasures" she received from her.

Posting a photo of her bejeweled fingers, she wrote, "This time three years ago, I lost my grandma Mita Elaine. I miss her dearly.

"Here I am with some treasures she left behind for me: Our shared love for polished nails, fingers that look exactly like hers, and gold + diamond rings in my name.

"I love you, Mita."

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KC's complete first name is Kristina Cassandra.

Meanwhile, the one on her middle finger was designed by KC Sukamto, a good friend.

Called the Besi Ring, it was set on 18K yellow gold with Tanzanite center stone, red and pink enamel, and white pavé diamonds.

Its cost, according to the jeweler's website: $2,880 or PHP143,553.

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The eye-catching rings and earrings of KC Concepcion
The eye-catching rings and earrings of KC Concepcion

Aside from jewelry, the daughter of Sharon Cuneta also inherited designer items from her Mita Elaine's "killer bag" collection.

In one of her previous posts on Instagram, KC recounted, "I would borrow pieces from her closet all the time...She must be smiling now seeing how I love to use some of the favorites that she left."

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KC Concepcion's 'pamana' bags from grandma Elaine Cuneta
KC Concepcion's 'pamana' bags from grandma Elaine Cuneta





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