Celebrity all-girl squads that rule on Instagram

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On their own, these fearless femmes command their own loyal following on social media. But in real life, these epitomes of "unkabogable sisterhood" thrive on sugar, spice and everything nice. Collectively, they're unstoppable!

From work to play, these ladies always have each other's backs.

Thanks to their ever-growing number of followers on Instagram, these squads are top of mind when it comes to fashion, beauty, health and wellness, fitness, friendship, and all-around girl power concerns.

The Blogger Besties: Over 3 million total followers

(L-R) Laureen Uy, Nicole Andersson, Patricia Prieto, Camille Co, Lissa Kahayon, and Kryz Uy pioneered the first wave of fashion and beauty bloggers in the now-thriving blogger community.

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While each member leads her own fashion community, together they are an unstoppable and stylish force to reckon with. 

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Instagram followers per member:

Laureen Uy (886K followers)

Nicole Anderson (288K followers)

Patricia Prieto (104K followers)

Camille Co (409K followers)

Lissa Kahayon (69.4K followers)

Kryz Uy (486K followers)

Beshies: Over 5 million total followers

If there's one thing that the quirky and bubbly squad of (L-R) Megan Young, Lauren Young, Janna Tee, Maxene Magalona, and Saab Magalona has proven, it's that you don't need to be in the same industry to build a bond.


Instagram followers per member:

Megan Young(1.9 million followers)

Lauren Young (570K followers)

Janna Tee (27.1K followers)

Maxene Magalona (1.8 million followers)

Saab Magalona (394K followers)

3) The It Girls: Over 18.5 million total followers

Even though most of the squad members have moved on to married life and motherhood, the It Girls were the original girl group.

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(L-R) Solenn Heussaff, Jess Wilson, Bea Soriano, Martine Cajucom, Georgina Wilson, Anne Curtis, Liz Uy, and Isabelle Daza (not in photo) were at the forefront of fashion and beauty.

Until now, their names continue to be part of the lifestyle scene.

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Instagram followers per member:

Jess Wilson (162K followers)

Martine Cajucom (202K followers)

Bea Soriano (246k followers)

Liz Uy (1.4 million followers)

Isabelle Daza (2.2 million followers)

Georgina Wilson (2.6 million followers)

Solenn Heussaff (3.7 million followers)

Anne Curtis (8 million followers)

Total number of IG followers: 

Approximately 18.5 million

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