Cute pet names celebrity couples have for each other

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Nadine Lustre calls James Reid "bum bum," while Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla call each other "bal."

"Honey," "sweetheart," "babe."

These are the usual things couples call each other, but these four celebrity pairs opted for terms of endearment that mean a little more to them.

Nadine Lustre and James Reid: Bumbum

During their appearance on Gandang Gabi Vice last January 28, Nadine and James got real about their relationship.

The two, who are usually pretty private about their lives, gave their fans major kilig when Nadine revealed her pet name for James: "Bumbum."

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And the reason behind that nickname was the best part.

After host Vice Ganda prodded, Nadine shyly explained, "Kasi cute yung puwet niya."

Julia Barretto and Joshua Garcia: Baba

Remember when Julia prank called Joshua during a guesting on the radio show Heartbeats with DJ Chacha, and they kept calling each other "Baba"?

When Joshua made an appearance on Tonight With Boy Abunda, he said that "Baba" is a variation of "baby."

Kathryn Bernardo + Daniel Padilla: Bal

Kathryn and Daniel have had several pet names for each other, including "Baba" and "Pottie," but we all know that right now, it's "Bal."

In 2014, they were asked about the meaning of their pet name.

The two revealed that it could either mean "kambal" or "baliw."

Jessy Mendiola + Luis Manzano: Haw haw

Luis is known for giving his closest friends pet names: He calls Anne Curtis "Nips"; Vice Ganda "Munchie"; Alex Gonzaga "Devil."

That's why when Luis started calling girlfriend Jessy Mendiola "Haw haw," we wanted to know the reason behind that pet name.

Apparently, it all started when Luis was trying to imitate cats!

He shared, "'Yung 'love,' ginawa ko parang tunog-pusa… hanggang sa naging haw haw na."

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Whose pet name is your absolute favorite?

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