How Alice Dixson, Sunshine Cruz cope with life's hard blows

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Alice Dixson and Sunshine Cruz remind that overcoming difficulties may just be a matter of maintaining a positive attitude, no matter how tough life gets sometimes.

For all their privileges, celebrities are people, too. They do not have immunity against the harsh realities of life—of failure, of sickness, of a heartbreak, for instance.

By the nature of their work, actors may have their own ways of coping.

Actresses Alice Dixson and Sunshine Cruz have something to say about that.

Both went through a rough patch in their respective marriages in the same year, admitting it was the lowest point in their lives.

How did they deal with it? They were asked during the press laugh of Century Tuna Superbods Ageless last February 7, at the EDSA Shangri-La Hotel.

There was a brief awkward pause before Alice managed to slide in a quip.

She turned to Sunshine and said, “Well, I know Sunshine’s lowest point, alam ko.”

Sunshine played along in the spirit of fun, “Alam nilang lahat!”

The room echoed with laughter, and Alice commented, “Now, we can laugh about it, ‘di ba?”

BACK STORY. At the time that Alice’s divorce from Ronnie Miranda, her Canada-based husband of 13 years, was being finalized in 2013, Sunshine’s marital problems with estranged husband, Cesar Montano, were just beginning.

Sunshine briefly recalled those times, “People think we have perfect lives, but yun nga, like what I said, everybody knows my lowest point.

“I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep… I was 15 pounds lighter.”

Alice joined in, “We don’t have perfect lives. Nobody has the perfect lives.

“We just do our best with what we can when we can, right?”


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MIND-BODY CONNECTION. The 48-year-old actress said that sharing their story strengthened her belief they could overcome anything.

Alice began by saying they’ve been actresses since they were young “we’ve had our shares of high points and low points.

“But even through those situations happened to us, we were able to overcome them.”

She said what saved her was keeping a "healthy attitude... There’s a mind-body connection talaga.

You take care of your body and your mind will follow, and vice versa.

“So, it’s not a matter of ‘I feel like this is the lowest of my low.’

“You can say in a positive way, ‘I’m going to overcome this obstacle.’

"And that’s what will make your lives also perfect.”

CONFIDENCE BOOSTER. For Sunshine, her comeback as an actress gave her the much-needed boost to keep moving forward.

She said, “Since 2013, I could probably say I’ve never been better. Of course, I thank all the projects and endorsements coming in.

"Wildflower has been my seventh teleserye since 2013, and ito yung mga bagay na nag-boost sa self-confidence ko na kaya ko pa pala.

“Hindi pa ako matanda, kaya ko pa pala!”





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