Yael Yuzon thinks he's "mas domesticated" than Karylle

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Yael and Karylle Yuzon have an interesting debate about household chores.

Yael Yuzon thinks he is more domesticated than his wife of four years, Karylle.

At the presscon for their latest endorsement, Belvita Breakfast Biscuits, on February 21, 2018, the couple gives PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) a glimpse of how they manage their household.

Karylle is the first to say, "Both of us, I think."

Yael throws in, “But the questions is sino ang mas, so ako yun.”

Karylle argues, "No! You don’t clean."

He quips, "Because I’m a guy."

But the It's Showtime! host says cleaning is an important chore.

"That’s a part of it,” she stresses.

Cleaning may not be his forte, but between the two, it's the Sponge Cola frontman who's the better cook.

Yael continues, “...I cook.”

Karylle, who doesn't easily gives up, says, “Yeah, but that’s not part of a chore.”

Yael points out, “But you're gonna survive with a dirty floor, but you can’t survive without food! Aha, I win!”

Karylle ends the banter, "Maybe, it’s a tie, because I’m a cleaner. I sometimes cook on weekends."

PEP.ph has to ask how they divide their chores given that Karylle has a daily noontime show, and Yael has gigs.

The daughter of Zsa Zsa Padilla replies, “Actually, we’re originally two messy people so I had to step up.

"Cleaning is for me.”

Yael adds, “I’m normally the one who cooks, but we shake things up, sometimes, she surprises me with something.

"We’re so experimental with like a food. Sometimes, she comes up with experimental dish like avocado dish.”


Karylle is the one who likes experimenting in the kitchen.

One time, she accidentally threw the sauce of their take-out food.

She said in a previous interview with PEP.ph, “Naku, nagalit. Nalungkot siya. 'Tapos, gumawa ako.”

Her sauce turned out to be much better.

Yael then said his wife could be a sawsawan guru, "so congrats, ang galing ng sauce na gawa mo."

Back to the present interview, what are the usual dishes they prepare?

Karylle quickly answers, “Inihaw, it’s Yael’s favourite.”

Yael nods, “Usually sea foods.”

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