KC Montero's reaction to naked photos of brother Troy and Aubrey Miles is hilarious!

KC Montero sends a dragon to "stop" Aubrey Miles and Troy Mentro from turning The Farm into a "nudist camp."

The naked photos of Aubrey Miles and Troy Montero taken at The Farm at San Benito in Lipa, Batangas, caught the attention of the netizens, including the latter's brother KC Montero.

Those who missed it, here's one of Aubrey's posts.

Her caption read: "7-8 Morning Sun"

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Three photos showed a naked Aubrey, and one post was about Troy skinny-dipping in a pool.

The caption was: "Be free."

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While the netizens exclaimed "wow," KC's reaction was in form of hilarious posts using the hashtags #SanitizeThePoolAndChairs #TamaNa #TroyandAubreyNeedAdultSupervision #SeriouslyTamaNa #TheFarmIsNotANudistCamp #TheyNeedToStop

Using the same photos, he animated it and added a dragon to "stop" his brother and Aubrey from "posting all these uncalled for naked photos..."

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Here's "round 2."

His caption: "When you don’t understand why your brother and his girlfriend are posting naked photos."

Iya Villania, Ervic Vijandre, and Julie Anne San Jose, and majority of KC's followers, found his posts funny.


Julie Anne even remarked, "Roasted."

KC's reply was: "sun burn."

And what's the reaction of Aubrey? She was a good sport.

The actress also explained that the farm "encourages" their guests to go nude since their suites are all glass and mirror.

"You're free to do so, as long as you're inside your suite..." she told one of KC's followers.


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