Pokwang's Baby Malia is the latest Instagram star

IMAGE @itspokwang27 on Instagram

Pokwang's baby Malia likes making faces.

Proud parents Pokwang and Lee O’Brien can't get enough of their Baby Malia.

On March 18, the American actor/host was over the moon greeting his “angel” on Instagram.

Showing a collage of Baby Malia’s photos, he wrote, “Happy Two Months to my lil angel, Baby Malia!!

“I love you so much and you truly are the greatest blessing in my life.

“Yo Mama, yo Ate and I have got your back, and love you so!!!

“You even got our senses of humor...making faces and all!”

For her part, Pokwang, being a comedienne, has been posting family photos with punchy conversational lines.

This one, she captioned: “Malia: mama look!! ang ganda ng star!!!

“Me: saan anak? saan?

“Malia: ayun o... sa kanan!

“Me: hmp! Wala naman e...

“Malia: malamang wala talaga e umaga na e... Hala sige na dede na ako dali....”

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Meanwhile, Pokwang’s eldest daughter Mae has been happily fulfilling her “ate duties.” 

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Have you seen this one?

“Malia: ate mae, tatakas ako mamayang gabi ha ikaw na bahala. 

“Mae: o sige dont worry ako bahala! 

“Malia: saan ako dadaan? 

“Mae: sa likod na pinto, sa pool side.

“Malia: ano'ng oras kaya matutulog si madir? 

“Mae: siyempre kapag tulog ka na kasi sa kanya ka dumedede di ba? 

“Malia: ngek Oo nga pala!!! Hahahahhahahahahaa”

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Pokwang’s Instagram feeds radiate happiness especially now that she’s got  her “buhay at pag-ibig.”

She quipped, “Ang gaganda nila di ba? buti na lang mahina talaga dugo ko haahhaaaa…”

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