Bianca Gonzalez relates worst kind of bashing for a parent

IMAGE iamsuperbianca on Instagram

As much as Bianca Gonzalez avoids reacting to bashers, she feels the need to give them a piece of her mind sometimes.

With over seven million followers on Twitter alone, Bianca Gonzalez is not a stranger to bashers and haters.

But now that she's a parent, the celebrity host has become more sensitive to negativity on social media.

She says, “I’m guilty that I’m less outspoken, and maybe it’s because I’m a mother.

“Parang kasi before, anything you say, ikaw lang yung iba-bash kumbaga, but now, people are vicious.

"The most common na nakakaloka is ‘Alagaan mo na lang yung anak mo. Huwag ka nang…’ Which is, for me…

"I just find it so weird that they think just because you’re outspoken on social media, they have a right to take it out on your child..."

Dragging a harmless kid into the picture is simply heartless.

“In fact, one time, I was so in the mood, sinagot ko.

“Parang I said something, like, ‘I was with my daughter the whole morning, naglaro kami.

"Pinatulog ko siya ngayon and she’s sleeping now, kaya ko nabasa message mo.

“‘Parang pagbukas na bukas ko, ang message mo unang bubungad sa akin.

“‘So, just to let you know, inaalagaan ko anak ko.’ Basta ginano'n ko.

“I gave him a piece of my mind talaga kasi minsan you have to din, e.”

Still, Bianca has learned the art of deadma no matter how cruel a basher can get.

“I learned not to... only because if you’re a parent talaga, priorities change.”





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