Xian Gaza reveals "maling-mali" perception about branded items

IMAGE Xian Gaza

Xian Gaza reveals what happened to the branded items he ostentatiously displayed on social media.

Xian Gaza has been called many names and described in the worst ways possible.

But this "scammer," who is frequently referred to as "annoying" and "papansin" by the netizens, has over 221,000 fans on Facebook and 16,400 followers on Instagram.

He popularized the expression "Nyeam," and started building "Nyeam Nation," which has almost 3,000 members so far.

A lot would ask: Why bother giving this guy exposure?

But Xian seems to know the rules of the game as far as getting viral on social media is concerned.

He attracts attention. He seems unperturbed by the barrage of comments, including nasty ones. He preaches even if he knows that some people take his words with a grain of salt.

When the 2.56-million-peso investment scam complaint was filed against him, Xian unabashedly chronicled the days leading to his surrender to the police on April 12, 2018.

His March 28 post on Facebook:

His April 10 post:

His April 12 post: "I am Christian Albert Gaza known as Xian Gaza, surrendering today."

He also asked help in settling his bail amounting to PHP126,000.

This brought forth the question: Can't he sell the branded items from his closet?


In an exclusive interview via Facebook Messenger with PEP.ph's (Philippine Entertainment Portal) Arniel Serato, he said, "Nabenta ko na po lahat to suffice my daily needs and expenses for the last four months after my ‘bitcoin scam exposé’ last December 2017."

Has he always been fascinated with branded items?

"Yes," he confessed.

"Ang nakakalungkot lang po na katotohanan ay I became fascinated with branded stuffs to please the people who hates me.

"Parang sa ganung napakababaw na hugot ay gusto kong may mapatunayan sa kanilang lahat.

"Maling-mali po talaga, very wrong. Lesson learned."

Xian also had to let go of his properties, "...nabenta ko na rin po lahat pambayad ng utang."

Unfortunately, none of his millions went to savings.

"Wala po," he said.

In retrospect, he realized, "The truth is that everything are just earthly things and luxuries.

"Treasures are those priceless things na kailanman ay hinding hindi mabibili ng pera."

And when it comes to managing finances, his important takeaway is: Do not live "a lavish lifestyle way beyond my means." 

He elaborated, "Managing your finances shall start po talaga sa iyong mindset and psychological wallet. 

"So make sure, before earning any amount, whether how small or big it is, you need to set and prepare your mind first dahil once wala po ito sa tama at hindi akma sa papasok at ima-manage mong pera ay masasayang lang po lahat at walang patutunguhan na maganda."





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