You have to watch this "Mavy joke" and wait for Cassy's reaction

IMAGE @zoren_legaspi on Instagram

Zoren Legaspi captures his son Mavy pulling off a "Mavy joke."

A bonding moment does not always have to be meaningful.

In the case of Zoren Legaspi and his twin kids Mavy and Cassy, even their funny convos are priceless.

Zoren took out his camera phone to record a “Mavy joke.”

The video began with Mavy laughing uncontrollably, while Cassy could be heard, “Now, you start filming!”

Turning to her brother, Cassy added, “Next [joke].”

But Zoren wanted Mavy to hear his first joke again, “Ano? Ulit.”

In between his laughter, Mavy said, “Wait lang. Ano… What’s animal? Hayop, di ba?

“Anong hayop madalas masaktan?”

Zoren replied, “Madalas masaktan? Pusa. Meow!”

Cassy threw in, “What?”

Then Mavy revealed the answer with matching actions, “Aso! Aw! Aw!”

Cassy couldn’t handle her brother’s "corny" joke, and exclaimed, “That’s so bad!”

Here's the video:

Get ready to laugh...Mavy jokes ????????????

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