Juliana Gomez eyeing to play for national volleyball team

Juliana Gomez is quite worried about entering college: "I've been so comfortable in high school and grade school being around the same people every day but in college, it's completely different."

Juliana Gomez—the daughter of Ormoc City Mayor Richard Gomez and Representative Lucy Torres-Gomez—is turning 18 today, September 8.

In an exclusive interview with PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) last Monday, September 3, Richard and Lucy's unica hija said she's very much aware of what it entails to be reaching the legal age.

But the debutante doesn't want to pressure herself too much, and has set goals that are very realistic.

She said, "Graduate, finish reading all my books, that's for sure, and the third is to make it to the varsity of the college of my choice."

What are her thoughts about entering college? The pretty celebrity admitted to having fears. 

Juiiana explained, "I've been so comfortable in high school and grade school being around the same people every day, but in college, it's completely different.

"I was just telling my mom the other day, like, 'Mom, is there like a crash course for college or do you just go with the flow?'


"Because I don't know how it works. It's a completely new world to me."

Aside from college, Juliana is also anxious about the career path she'll take in the future.

Richard and Lucy's daughter said, "The pressures of knowing what I want to do eventually. I think that's what I've been thinking about a lot lately.

"Because that's what everyone around me is asking, 'After college, what are you gonna do? Do you wanna join Miss Universe? Do wanna be an artista? Do you wanna be a politician?'

"I feel like I'm running out of time but, at the same time, I know that I have a whole life ahead of me 'cause I'm only 18."

But again, she doesn't want complicate things yet, and will cross the bridge when she gets there. At the moment, Juliana is bent on pursuing volleyball, one of the sports where her athletic dad excelled.


She told PEP.ph, "Recently, I've been training to be a setter. Of course, every one who wants to be a setter looks up to Kim Fajardo and Jia Morado.

"I watch their videos a lot so I learn every thing."

Juliana added, "I wanna make it to the national team eventually and I really want to excel.

"I wanna make my dad proud."


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