Here's a look at Rocco Nacino's cars and motorbikes

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Rocco Nacino currently owns two cars—Kia Grand Canival and 2013 Ford Mustang—and two motorbikes.

From muscle cars to vintage motorbikes, Rocco Nacino now has several vehicles in his garage.

The 31-year-old GMA-7 artist poured in a lot of hard work and saved up just to get his dream vehicles. (Philippine Entertainment Portal) had a quick chat with Rocco at the new store opening of Coach in Power Plant Mall, Makati City, last September 20.

The Starstruck V alumnus discussed his passion for motorbikes and cars.

Because of the nature of his work, the car Rocco uses most of the time is his Kia Grand Carnival van. He had this customized so he'd be comfortable staying in it every time he has a long taping schedule.

Rocco told, "It's customized, so I love the leg room.

"I love that I get to stretch my legs, be updated with news and current affairs through my TV inside."

Last week, he updated his car with new rims courtesy of Dubshop Inc.


"I was so happy kasi a friend of mine, who was my high school friend told me, 'Let's set up your car!'

"I was like, 'Of course! Let's go!' So I went to Dubshop and they set me up nice for my car which makes my journey to taping even more fun.

"I feel guwapo in my taping car now."

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In 2013, Rocco achieved one of his biggest dreams and bought a brand new "race car red" Ford Mustang.

Rocco said he had a lot to consider before he decided buying the car.

"The sports car I got... before that, I was aiming for certain types, but it didn't fit me because of my frame.

"So it has to fit my height and it has to exude my attitude also. It has to be strong, muscular."

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Rocco has two motorbikes. The first one is an Ecooter, a brand of electric scooter which he got for PHP110,000.

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Then Rocco started getting drawn to vintage motorbikes.

Early this year, he got a 1979 Honda CB650 motorbike which he personally customizes. asked the Kapuso actor what made him buy it.

He explained, "Feeling ko dahil sumabay lang sa mga bumili ng mga motor.

"I'm always interested in vintage cars, vintage anything.

"So when I heard about this 1979 Honda, I was so drawn to it that I got it.

"Now, I'm putting my finishing touches on to it and I can't wait to use it again."

Rocco added, "I had it stored in the garage and fixed it up para lang sigurado.

"I got it for a good price and then motorcycle owners who own those worth more than a million come up to me and say, 'Dude, mas matanda pa 'to sa akin!'"

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