Solenn Heussaff has a tip to avoid weight gain during pregnancy

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Solenn Heussaff is ready to have a baby in 2019. For now, the actress-host is using an app, which tracks her ovulation and tells her when it's safe to have sex without getting pregnant.

Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico's plan of having a baby has taken a backseat this year because of their busy schedules.

And while ladies trying to conceive use apps to track their ovulation cycle and know when they are most fertile, Solenn uses it for the opposite reason.

“May App ako na bawal mag-sex on this day,” she explained with a laugh.

“It’s called My Calendar, it’s like a period chart. Parang may mga pag ovulation, bawal, ganun."

The actress-host continued, “Pero ready na ko for the last three years and even si Nico, but I mean, we’re ready anytime now.”

But she uses the app to time her pregnancy because she still has work commitments to fulfill.

She explained, “Kasi yun… e, kasi may work din.

“I’m still using it, kasi siyempre kahit gusto mo, you can really get pregnant like three days in a month, so you need to know what days those are.”

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She answered, “Tingan natin. Yeah... I mean, we want for the last two years, but we’re not trying.”

And how does Nico find the idea of using this app?

“Sabi niya, ‘What the f*ck is this?’

“Sabi ko, ‘Well, kung ikaw ang mag-carry ng baby, okay, gawin natin ngayon.’”

Solenn said she is ready to get pregnant by 2019.


Meanwhile, Solenn disapproved of the notion that once women get pregnant, they get fat and become "losyang."

“Hindi naman losyang yung mga  buntis,” she said.

Underlining the strength it takes to carry a child, Solenn continued, “Imagine yung feeling na you’re carrying a human being. Only women have the power to do that.”

The Kapuso star, who obviously knows a lot about getting pregnant, added that every woman has a different pregnancy experience.


Some women gain a lot of weight, while others are what they call "maliit magbuntis."

Solenn said, “Depende din sa genes ata."

She also noted that living a healthy lifestyle with proper diet and exercise will benefit the mom and the baby.

"Kasi usually pag may mga buntis, akala nila, you need to eat for two, pero hindi totoo iyan.

“You need to eat like how you eat now, same lang when you’re pregnant, ganun.”

As for Solenn, she probably won't be wearing traditional maternity dresses once she is with child.

“Susuotin ko pa din to pag pregnant,” she said, referring to the red body-hugging mini-dress she wore to the Cain at Abel presscon which was held at the Prime Hotel last November 13. 

With regard to her sister-in-law Anne Curtis, Solenn said that the wife of her brother Erwan is still taking her time from having kids as well.


“Si Anne has a few more projects next year na gusto niyang gawin. We’re the same age.”

Both ladies are 33 years old.





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