KC Concepcion saves up and skips buying Hermes bags to "afford beach"

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KC Concepcion thanked her mom Sharon Cuneta, her stepdad Senator Francis Pangilinan, and her late grandmother Elaine Cuneta, for teaching her the value of saving up to "buy property FIRST, before getting that @hermes bag."

KC Concepcion shared the benefits of "delayed gratification" on her Instagram post dated December 2.

The 33-year-old actress-entrepreneur revealed how her family imparted to her an important life lesson, something that she continues to practice to this day. 

Aside from her mom, Sharon Cuneta, KC said her stepdad, Senator Francis Pangilinan, and her late grandmother, Elaine Cuneta, served as her financial advisers growing up.

KC, however, lost her grandmother to complications due to abdominal surgery on November 5, 2014.

She wrote, "Dear Mom and Grandparents, thank you for teaching me to 'Save & Invest' at such a young age.

"Like every working millennial or woman in their 30s, I am continuing to learn how to take care of, grow, and move around personal finances.

"My grandma, stepdad, and mom were so strict about saving up to buy property FIRST, before getting that @hermes bag...

"Yes, pressure and standards were high but I am glad they were!


"Although deep inside as a girl of course I wanted the BAG, I learned about 'delayed gratification' in order to afford the BEACH. Lol.

"What’s YOUR dream? Keep busy, and work smart, so you too can make your dreams come true.

"On your own terms. And quietly, without stepping on anyone’s toes. DREAM BIG! BE KIND! You can ACHIEVE it!

"#Kacepirations #TheKCDiaries #Philippines #RealEstate #Palawan"

Along with the caption, KC posted a photo of a property with a magnificent view of the beach.

She made no mention about purchasing the beachfront property, but her hashtags and caption led some of her followers to conclude that it will not be long until KC enjoys the view on a regular basis. 

KC has also been busy with her jewelry business called Avec Moi by Kristina which, she launched last March.

She had recently completed three certificate courses that, she says, has something to do with jewelry.


In a separate Instagram post, she said, "Here I am enrolling in 3 courses in California four months ago. Fast forward to today, 3 certificates now complete!

"And oh, to those asking, my courses ave something to do with jewelry... [heart emoji] What can I do... Hilig ko talaga eh... [shooting star emoji]"


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