Iza Calzado breaks into tears after receiving wedding gift from her late mom

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Iza Calzado receives a diamond bracelet from her late mom, Mary Ann. Close friend Sunshine Dizon had been made to safeguard it all along.

Iza Calzado married Ben Wintle in a beautiful beach wedding ceremony last Wednesday, December 19, at Club Paradise in Coron, Palawan.

Iza walked down the aisle solo, meeting her brother Dash midway.

Later at the reception, Iza was brought to tears when her close friend and fellow Encantadia actress Sunshine Dizon presented her a gift from her late mom.

Apparently, Iza's mom had the bracelet stored away for safekeeping until the time her daughter got married!

"I know it is something that you will really treasure forever. I love you very much," Sunshine said.

She then approached Iza who sobbed as they hugged each other.

The whole scene was captured and posted by Dr. Vicki Belo.

In a 2013 interview with Ricky Lo for The Philippine Star, Iza shared that she lost both of her parents to cancer.

Her mom, Mary Ann, passed away when she was 19, and her dad, Lito, a choreographer and dancer, also succumbed to the illness when she was 29.


When asked what she misses most about them, Iza said, "I miss my mom's candor, her crazy antics, and even her mood swings!

"I miss my Dad's hugs, smile, stage-father ways, and even our arguments.

"I think when you lose someone, you miss everything about them, even the things you disliked about them!"

For her wedding, Iza's bouquet had photos of her late parents to honor their memory.

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