Kim Chiu skips Christmas tradition this 2018

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Kim Chiu's Christmas tree this 2018 is not more than two feet, but it's enough to bring her holiday cheers.

Kim Chiu has a Christmas tradition: set up her own tree.

The Kapamilya star has been doing this since she moved in to the house she purchased in 2011.

This year, however, she skipped it because she had been busy promoting her Metro Manila Film Festival 2018 entry One Great Love.

Thanks to her sister Lakambini Chiu, her mansion still had a tree.

Her December 27 post read: "This christmas didn’t have the time to make my christmas tree tradition, but my sister @kamchiu surprised me with a real baby tree! thank you achi for always having my back, for unconditional support and love always!!!! ?? your are my #OneGreatSister."

Setting up her tree is both a tradition and therapy for Kim, who would normally do it for days.

Remember her white and blue Christmas tree "made with love"?

It took her three days to finish the activity.

In 2016, her Christmas tree was pink. Decorating, she said, took "half a month of on and off."


This was her tree in 2015, the year she resumed the tradition.

In 2013, Kim "stopped for two years when my mom passed away."

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