Heart Evangelista wraps expensive scarves around her dog Panda

IMAGE @iamhearte on Instagram

Heart Evangelista's dog Panda owns luxury scarves from Hermes, YSL, and Louis Vuitton.

Heart Evangelista loves her dogs so much, she even lets them wear some expensive scarves.

The 33-year-old fashionista posted a photo last Thursday, January 3, that #shookt netizens.

One eagle-eyed follower noticed that the scarf had prints similar to Hermes' Lettres au Carre scarf 90, which is priced at $395 or around PHP20,712.22.

In the comments section, she asked, "Is that Hermes scarf on her?"

Heart simply replied with a "Yes."

Panda owns a lot more luxury scarves aside from this one.

In a separate post, Panda was seen wearing a Louis Vuitton monogram print scarf.

Louis Vuitton scarves run from $370 to $480 or around PHP19,401.32 to PHP25,169.28.

Another post showed Panda lounging on Louis Vuitton's Catogram Classic Blanket, which has an estimated price of $1,420 or around PHP74,500.

Panda also has YSL's hearts printed cotton neck scarf, which has an estimated price of $145 or around PHP7,602.06


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