This guy surprises his mom with a visit after not seeing her for over five years

IMAGE Courtesy of Divino Villanueva Capil

Facebook user Divino Villanueva Capil promised himself that he would visit his mom Fortunata Capil, once he has a stable job. It finally happened...after five years. Special thanks to Divino's girlfriend Love Talamo (L, middle).

Indeed, there's no place like home.

Facebook user Divino Villanueva Capil had this in mind when he visited his mom, Fortunata Capil, after not seeing her for over five years.

His mom's teary-eyed reaction was captured on video, which Divino posted on Facebook moments after staging his surprise.

At press time, the video has garnered over 1.2 million views, 10,000 shares, and 7,500 reactions.

His caption read: "My Nanay's reaction after 5yrs of being away from home.

"So much of love & emotion when I surprise her pretending as my kuya's friend- a 'Taxi Driver'. #ImHOME"

Initially, the 24-year-old lifeguard dressed as a pizza delivery guy wearing a face mask and a pair of sunglasses.

Divino brought two boxes of pizza—one of which bore the note, "Nay, nag-uli nako. Dido :)" [Nay, uwi na 'ko].

There was a bouquet of flowers, too.

 IMAGE Courtesy of Divino Villanueva Capil

It took a few moments for his mom to finally realize that the pizza delivery guy was her son.

 IMAGE Courtesy of Divino Villanueva Capil

In an interview with (Philippine Entertainment Portal) via Facebook Messenger, Divino said he sought the help of his girlfriend, Love Talamo, and his siblings.


Divino recalled, "Ako ang naka-isip nun, sir. Sinabwat ko girlfriend ko, ate, at kuya ko.

"Half day lang naman ang preparation kasi simple lang naman."

He continued, "Naisip kong i-surprise si nanay kasi alam ko na miss na miss nya ako.

"'Pag mag-video call kami, lagi niya tinatanong sa kin kung kelan ako uuwi.

"Last video call namin, binola ko sya. Sinabi ko na sa 2020 pa ako umuwi.

"Part yun ng plano e so na-surprise talaga sya sir."

 IMAGE Courtesy of Divino Villanueva Capil

Divino returned to their home in Miagao, Iloilo after five years of living in Davao City, where he studied and eventually worked as a lifeguard and an administrative associate in a university.

He told, "Nag-aral ng vocational po tapos trabaho dito sa Davao.

"Di ako nakauwi for 5 years kasi pinangako ko sa sarili ko na magkaroon muna ako ng magandang trabaho bago umuwi sa min.

"Magandang trabaho na sa kin ang pagiging lifeguard sa isang Unibersidad."

He was grateful because his video tugged at the netizens' heartstrings, and, most of all, his simple gesture had made his mother very happy.


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