Alex Gonzaga at Luis Manzano nilabas ang "baho" ng isa't-isa

Bawal pikon, ha.
Aug 27, 2019

Fans can’t get enough of Alex Gonzaga and Luis Manzano’s friendship. The nonstop jokes and next-level kulitan make them fun to watch through their vlogs and on interviews. Their unique sense of humor remind their fans that it's okay not to take life too seriously sometimes.

What happens, though, when the best of friends reveal all the dirty little secrets they know about each other? May mapipikon kaya? (Philippine Entertainment Portal) gives you some samplers from email and voice note interviews.

Asked about a weird habit of Alex that Luis finds funny, the actor goes for the jugular with this embarrassing tidbit about his friend’s “nose-y” little quirk.

“Makalikot siya ng ilong!” the actor says with a laugh. “I put that nicely—alam ninyo na what it means!”

Not to be outdone by her Kuya Luis, Alex divulges in great detail how annoying Luis can be on the phone.

“Makulit si Kuya Luis!” the actress says. “Kahit hindi kami magkasama, text siya nang text.”

“Tapos minsan, nung nasa ibang bansa ako, tatawagan niya ako—tawag siya nang tawag, 'tapos 'pag sinagot ko, ‘Why?’ Gusto lang daw niya akong gastusan. Yung minsan papansin lang niya nang over!” Alex explains.

The two are professional alaskador as well. They would tease each other about the most trivial things.

“Lagi ko siyang inaasar na bakit ang pangit niya,” Alex says, adding, “Ganon din naman yung asar niya sa akin!”

But Luis’s signature pang-inis—about Alex’s feet—is a little more colorful: “Her feet! Malaki! Malayo palang ang tae natapakan na niya.”

Even with all the asaran and kulitan, there is no denying that the friendship between the two can weather any kind of bashing.

Alex flat-out ignores the haters.

“Wala kaming ginagawa,” she says. “As long as we know na friends kami, di namin iniisip yung bashers.”

“We’re not friends naman for the bashers, we’re friends because gets namin ng isa’t isa,” she adds.

Luis agrees, “If they don’t get it, it is on them—I guess that is why we can maintain our dynamic.”

For them, being best friends is as simple as understanding each other, and not caring about what others think.

“At the end of the day, we know that we have respect for each other,” Alex says.

“Kahit nag-a-advice kami, kahit serious, may mga pa-joke pa rin sa gitna na na-gets naman namin.”

Alex and Luis are confident in their friendship that they don’t mind revealing each other’s embarrassing habits and little secrets. But, there is one “baho” the two don’t tease each other about: body odor.

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If this interview proves anything, it’s that Alex and Luis are comfortable enough with each other to say what they want. And that no kind of “baho” will get them down.

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