How Toni Gonzaga addresses 'wala na akong time' problem of working moms

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Toni Gonzaga has a time-management technique for working moms. She says, "Hindi puwedeng puro 'yes, yes, yes' sa work, 'tapos yung family mo ang nakakakuha lagi ng 'no.'" Also in photo: Her son Seve.

Never compare yourself to other moms.

That's one of the most valuable lessons that Toni Gonzaga has learned from her parenting journey.

Talking to good friend Bianca Gonzalez, she explained, "You cannot compare yourself to—'Buti pa yung mommy na ito, nagagawa niya ito.'

"Just look at your own journey as a mom.

"And what’s important siguro is your husband is happy, your kid is happy.

"I think that's more important than what other people are going to say about how you handle your family."

Toni was Bianca's guest for her vlog's "Paano Ba To?!" Mother’s Day episode, which was posted on Monday, May 6, 2019.

The wife of Paul Soriano admitted to having difficulty in finding a balance between family and career.

"I guess pag working mom ka, feeling ko it’s a work in progress. Hindi mo alam kung na-perfect mo na ba, kung nakuha mo na ba yung balance ng—'Am I giving enough time in every aspect na meron ako sa buhay ko?'"


And each time she would question herself, Toni's husband would always give her the reality check.

"I just ask my husband, I just look at my son, sila yung tatanungin mo, e, 'Am I giving enough of myself?'

"Ako, tinatanong ko, 'Masyado na ba akong busy?'

"Sasabihin ni Paul, 'Medyo.' Ay okay, so babawi ako."

She emphasized, "If my work will get five 'yes,' my family should have the equal 'yes.'

"Hindi puwedeng puro 'yes, yes, yes' sa work, 'tapos yung family mo ang nakakakuha lagi ng 'no.'

"So if you say yes to work ng five times, dapat as much as possible, six yung 'yes' na makukuha nila—yes to spending time with them, yes to a movie with your husband, yes to going out with the family, yes to malling."

What's her idea of "me time"?

Aside from reading one book per week, she makes a quick dash to the salon every quarter.


Laughing, she said, "Alam mo, feeling ko yung 'me time' ko na lang, kapag nagpapa-roots ako ng hair [color]. 

"Mga once in three months."

She added, "Minsan hindi mo na rin maiisip na wala kang time sa sarili mo."

Watch Toni and Bianca’s meaningful discussion here:


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