Shamcey Supsup recounts major struggles after giving birth

IMAGE Karen Pagsolingan

Shamcey Supsup on breastfeeding: "It was not as simple as motivating yourself na 'kaya ko iyan.'"

The first six months of Shamcey Supsup as a mom was, in her own words, "super hirap."

In an event of Baby Company, she told (Philippine Entertainment Portal), "I was very optimistic before and during pregnancy.

"But you really have to be physically, emotionally, and mentally ready pala.

"Kasi CS [Cesarean Section] ako so recovery was harder kasi may sugat pa.

"And then, pangalawa, yung sleepless nights.

"Pangatlo, yung breastfeeding."

Of the latter, she realized, "It was not as simple as motivating yourself na 'kaya ko iyan.'"

She elaborated, "Kasi kahit gusto mo kung ayaw lumabas, wala talaga.

"Hindi nga ako bumili ng anything else kasi sabi ko, breastfeeding dapat.

"Pero sobrang hindi ko na-prepare yung sarili ko na ganun pala siya kahirap.

"So nung andun na ako, for a month talaga, it was really, really a struggle.”

She gave her husband Lloyd Lee a shout-out.

"My husband has been very supportive. Sabi niya, 'Kaya mo iyan. Tiisin mo lang. Iiyak mo lang iyan, it will get easier.'

"Sa stage na iyan mo malalaman if you chose well sa marriage. I’m really glad he was there for me."

To all the moms who are presently going through the same thing, she advised asking help from other moms.

"Sabi ko sa kanila, ‘Ganito ba talaga kahirap?’

"Parang kailangan mo rin kasi ng support from other mothers, especially those who had been through it.

"At nung nalaman ko na hindi lang pala ako, na lilipas din, parang nagkaroon ako ng encouragement to continue breastfeeding."


Giving up seemed to be the less stressful route, but in the end, "you think about your baby."

That was the life-changing thing about motherhood.

"Siguro unlike before na you only think about yourself, about your husband, parang now, somebody is depending on you for every thing.

"So parang ang sarap lang ng feeling din na parang we are giving life to another person.

"Ang sarap ng feeling!"

How about losing weight? Did she have problems losing the pregnancy weight?

"Sabi nila, breastfeeding daw is very helpful so I think naman it is true."

She did not exercise at all?

"Wala, e. Walang oras mag-exercise."

Now, their life is back to normal.

"The baby's sleep pattern was regular," she said, smiling.

"Heto na yung phase na her smiles and giggles are the highlights of our day."

Does he and Lloyd spoil Baby Nyke?

"We only want the best for our baby. When it comes to her, hindi kami nagtitipid.

"Pero hindi rin ako yung sobrang shopping. I only choose what I need, what she needs.

"I don’t buy so many things."





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