Is Bianca Gonzalez ready for baby number 2

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Bianca Gonzalez on the idea of getting pregnant again: "Oh, my husband, lagi siya nagsasabi na parang 'baby number 2 na' ganyan, but I always make tawad. I'm still so tired from having one."

For Bianca Gonzalez, motherhood is life-changing.

Aside from her hosting career, bulk of her time now is spent on her one-year-old Baby Lucia.

Bianca tells (Philippine Entertainment Portal) at the media launch of Johnson and Johnson's Tonight We Sleep campaign, "My husband always tells me na he’s seen me grown na from someone na super career-oriented lang, now, may iba nang mas importante sa buhay namin.

"When we shot nga our campaign, it was so funny kasi dati, when I would shoot a commercial, after mag-take, titingin pa ako sa monitor, 'Okay ba itsura ko,' 'Maganda ba angle ko,' or "May puwede ba akong ibahin?'

"But when I shot this with baby, nawala talaga lahat yun.

"Wala na akong pakialam sa itsura ko, basta the baby is comfortable, she’s not too tired, she’s smiling, she’s playful, yun na yung care ko.

"Wala na akong ibang chine-check about me."

Being a mom has led the Kapamilya host to discover her "other side."

"My whole life, I've been very laid-back and chill, up until my wedding.

"Planning my wedding, I called myself 'Bridechilla' kasi hindi talaga ako na-stress at all.

"Parang I'm just a laid-back and a chill person.

"When I had a baby, oh my gosh, lumabas lahat ng pagkapraning ko, pagka-aligaga ko, lahat.

"Parang hindi ako chill na nanay kasi lagi akong nagpa-panic, lagi akong stressed.

"I never thought na may side pala akong gano'n," she said, laughing.

What were her struggles as a first-time mom?


"Kasi first-time mom nga ako, so I had no idea na kapag first few months talaga ni baby, walang tulugan pala talaga.

"I think like any other mom, first three months, baby would feed every one-two-three hours.

"When I look back nga, parang di ko mapaniwalaan na na-survive ko siya, but what I always tell myself nung mga times na hirap na hirap na ako, lahat ng ibang nanay kinaya so dapat kaya ko din."

Another affected part of her life: schedule.

"If dati, everything was about me, what I wanted to do, may mga gusto ako biglang gawin, like travel for the weekend, I will do it.

"Now talaga, everything is about the baby.

"My schedule revolves around the baby also because I breastfeed purely pa rin.

"Like now that I’m at work, I left bottles of breast milk at home.

"While I’m out, I have to pump.

"Wala, madami talagang pagbabago.

"But I think lahat ng changes na yun, it centers on the discovery na how selfless mothers are pala talaga."

Now that their baby girl is already one year old, have she and husband JC Intal thought about having a second child?

"Oh my, my husband, lagi siya nagsasabi na parang 'baby number two' na ganyan, but I always make tawad.

"I say I’m still so tired from having one.

"I want to regroup myself first and rest before thinking about having a second one."

But she knows that the moment God blesses them with another baby, Bianca says she wouldn't be as worrywart as before.


"But what I look forward to naman isdahil napagdaanan ko na, feeling ko I won’t be as 'neuro' as I was with the first one.

"I think when God blesses us with a second one, mas chill na siguro ako kasi nga I learned na from the first."





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