How Nikka Garcia teaches daughters not to have selos and inggit

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Patrick and Nikka Garcia have two girls: Chelsea, 3 years old, and Patrice, 11 months old.

What does a mom do if she has two adorable daughters?

Buy them terno outfits!

Nikka Martinez-Garcia said it saves her from time and effort.

“Hindi ka na mag-iisip kasi kaya mabilis ang shopping.

“These days, ngayong may maliliit akong anak, medyo challenge talaga mamili or mag-malling.

“With twinning outfits, solved,” she told (Philippine Entertainment Portal) at the Wellness Moms event of P&G and Robinsons Supermarket.

She added, “Saka ang ganda, e.

“I’m sorry, pero they will eventually reach an age wherein personalities will come out and shine.

“But as of now, I am in control.

"And if I want them to wear the same thing, I will make them wear the same thing.

“Cute, e. Ibigay na nila yun sa atin, di ba. Girls yun, e.”

Since she likes posting the milestones and OOTDs of her girls, it is quite important to her, “Dapat maganda sa picture.”

But isn’t that going to make people compare them?

Nikka said about her panganay, the three-year-old Chelsea, “She is very matalino.

“She's not like 'meron siya, ako wala?' I explain to her that baby needs it.”

It’s also important to spend time with them “individually and together.”

The wife of Patrick Garcia continued, “That’s when you get to explain things, they understand naman, and they don’t get inggit with each other.”

What’s the usual cause of their away and iyakan?

“Minsan, may selos kasi, ‘I want mommy now, I want daddy now.’

“But we always allot time for them individually so they don’t feel insecure.

"They always feel assured na ayan si Mama ngayon kailangan kasi ng kapatid ko, pero mamaya, ako naman.

“So hindi kailangang mag-compete with each other.”





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