Sylvia Sanchez tells kids Arjo and Ria Atayde: "Wag muna kayo mag-asawa, mga 10 years pa."

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In one of her Instagram posts, Sylvia Sanchez wrote, "Wag muna kayo mag-asawa, mga 10 years pa at gusto ko pa kayo masolo."

Given her hectic schedule, any chance Sylvia Sanchez can get to have a common time with her children is precious.

Hence, even such a simple activity such as renewing passport seems like a major event for the Kapamilya actress.

Sylvia is the lead star of The Greatest Love, while her "gwapong ogag ko" Arjo Atayde is busy with FPJ's Ang Probinsyano, and her "potpot ko" Ria Atayde is part of My Dear Heart.

On Instagram, the mom wrote, "Ang saya-saya ko, kahit konting oras lang kami magkakasama, thank u passport at ikaw ang dahilan, hahaha.

"Good vibes lang with my kiddos."

Arjo is now 26, while Ria is 24. Has Sylvia entertained the thought of her kids getting married?

The 45-years-old actress wrote, "Wag muna kayo mag-asawa, mga 10 years pa at gusto ko pa kayo masolo.

"Seryoso ako! Ayoko pa talaga hahaha di pa ako ready.

"love u both so much."

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In another post she put out on February 16, 2017, the proud mom showed a "priceless" moment between Arjo and Ria.


Her caption: "It melts my heart to see my kids love and protect each other like this even though they're adults now.

"Oh GOD thank you so much for this wonderful, wonderful gift, my loving children.

"My heart overflows with love and emotion whenever I see them express their love for one another.

"Times like these make me feel like Art [her husband] and I did well."

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They weren't together on Valentine's Day, but Ria surprised her mom with a bouquet and her kuya with simple treats.

As shared by Sylvia, "Pagkauwi ko kagabi, heto ang dinatnan ko sa side table ko.

"Ang saya-saya ko.

"My potpot, lagi mo akong sinusurpresa, alam mo talaga kung paano ako mapasaya, tanggal pagod ko kagabi dahil sa munti mong regalo na 'to anak.

"Maraming maraming salamat."

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Arjo thanked his sister whom he described "the best friend I can never get rid of."


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